Flight Log - 2022-06-04 - Ken E. Coyote's Mega Mosquito

Stock build.  Looks nice and often gets compliments!:)

Flight Date: 2022-06-04
Rocket Name: Mega Mosquito
Kit Name: Estes - Mega Mosquito {Kit} (001335)
Flyer's Name: Ken E. Coyote
Motors: E30-7
Expected Altitude: 1,000.00 Feet
Wind Speed: 5.00 mph
Launch Site: Pine Island NY (Metra Rocket Club)
Actual Altitude: 799.00 Feet

Great flight!  I put down 1000' on the flight card since others seemed to have this altitude for similar motor, but was personally guessing 800'...when it was boosting up, a friend asked me for the altitude and I said I wrote down 1000, but it looked more like 800 (I have it on video lol)...Flightsketch said 799'! LaughingCool

Ejection was shortly after apogee and recovery was meh since chute got tangled on the cord and shroud lines, but landed fine anyway.

Great motor for this rocket!

1Aerotech E30-7


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