Flight Log - 2022-08-07 - Kenneth Olavarria's Solace

Solace was my first L3 attempt rocket, a modified Wildman Extreme Wildman kit. Avionics Bay was of custom design and used a 3-sled configuration around 3D printed mounts. Rocket weighed 30lb and was 7ft tall. Flew 4 times until it was destroyed at Hartsel, CO after landing. The rocket sailed up a hill due to high winds and was absolutely wrecked after hitting boulders and rocks on its way up the hill. 


Standard Dual Deploy, with 4 copper charge wells. Milled Aluminum AvBay Bulkheads. Pinned nosecone for modular ballast insertion and removal. 


MissleWorks RRC3 (First 3 flights)

Eggtimer TRS/GPS (All 4 flights)

AIM XTRA (Last flight)


30 ft 2000lb Kevlar on main parachute side

30 ft 4000lb Nylon on drogue chute side. 

8 ft Rocketman Classic (First 2 flights) (CD = 0.97?)

72" FruityChutes IRIS Ultra Standard  (Last 2 flights) (CD = 2.2!)

24" FruityChutes Drogue (CD = 1.5)

Flight Date: 2022-08-07
Rocket Name: Solace
Kit Name: Wildman Rocketry - Extreme Wildman {Kit}
Flyer's Name: Kenneth Olavarria
Motors: CTI K820
Expected Altitude: 6,000.00 Feet
Wind Speed: 5.00 mph
Launch Site: Hudson Ranch Rocket Launch Site
Actual Altitude: 5,878.00 Feet

First flight of Solace on a CTI K820 Blue Streak. Perfect flight, although lost sight of rocket due to low visibility (Colorado Fires). Apogee was 5878ft and max velocity 623 ft/s. Altimeters used were MissleWorks RRC3 (Primary) and Eggtimer TRS/GPS (Backup, GPS tracking). 

1CTI 2383K820-17A


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