Keycam Viper F30-E9
Key chain camera view from my LOC Viper IV. Liftoff was on a pair of CTI Pro-24 F30's, airstarting a pair of Estes E9's. The motor tube in line with the camera contained an E9. The rocket was set up for dual deploy, controlled by a Raven altimeter with the main set at 400 feet. Peak altitude was 1900 feet.

 Rocketry Product: Featherweight Altimeters - Raven {Component}

 Rocketry Product: LOC/Precision - King Viper {Kit} (PK-15) [1985-?]

 Rocketry Product: LOC/Precision - Mini Viper {Kit} (PK-14) [1986-?]

 Rocketry Product: LOC/Precision - Viper III (PK-6) [1984-]

 Rocketry Product: LOC/Precision - Viper IV (PK-7) [1984-]

 Rocketry Product: LOC/Precision - King Viper III {Kit} (PK-92)

 Rocketry Product: Estes - E9 Single-Use Motor {Motor}

Author TomB0667
Duration 79 seconds
Rating Good

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