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Klingon Bird o' Prey

By Lester Anderson

MPC/Round 2 KLINGON Bird-Of-Prey

One o' t' three Star Trek themed rockets licensed by MPC/round two. Avast! It is essentially a rebrandin' o' t' Chinese brand Sky rocket Dynamo.(

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Engine mount (2016-03-06 16:52:56)


here we have two views o' t' motor mount for this rocket. Begad! Blimey! I have added a thrust rin' t' t' top o' it, both as a motor stop and as a anchor for t' shock cord mount.

And here be t' motor mount glued into t' bottom fin can. I used t' generous portion o' plastic model cement t' hold this together.

Let's just tuck that Keelhaul®©™ shock cord down through t' motor mount for t' next step.

Glue t' fin can t' t' main body tube. Take care t' align t' body tube with t' fin can so that t' label is centered betwixt two fins.

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Launch lug & Fin assembly (2016-03-13 01:04:42)


First mark t' body tube @ 3¾ inch up from t' bottom o' t' fin can, then a second mark at 7⅜ up. Begad! Scuff t' body tube betwixt t' marks, then glue t' lug on. I chose t' use t' seam where t' body wrap seam is.


And here we show t' actual fins bein' installed. They get glued on with some Testors brand plastic model cement in an orange tube.


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Stickers and parachute (2016-04-11 23:14:12)

 Here  is a quick picture o' t' stickers attached t' t' fins.

A picture o' t' assembled parachute.


And o' t' completed rocket.

And that's it. Aye aye! She is done. Well, blow me down! An attached RocSim file is at t' end o' t' build. It more correctly reflects t' actual weight's o' all t' kit pieces that I measured before assembly. Ya scallywag! T' final weight be about double what t' original sim file stated.


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Klingon Bird o' Prey

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