Kronos 2 rocket test

The Kronos 2 rocket was made to replace Kronos 1 (a two stage rocket) and Hercules 2 (a one-stage payloader) to create a much more refined multistage payloader combination, which will be able to fly heavier payloads to higher altitudes with greater efficiency. This first launch in the video is a test of the recovery system using only the upper stage powered by a C6-5. If you know about basic model rocketry, then you can tell it would have been better to use a C6-3 instead of a C6-5. The parachute deployed a few seconds late, resulting in it not having time to open fully before it hit the ground. At least the deployment upset the rocket's Cp and Cg balance so it fell in a non-uniform way, which is a lot better for it than doing a nosedive and hitting the ground at sometimes hundreds of miles per hour. after searching in the tall grass and eventually (with my dad's help, he is filming by the way) finding it after some 20 minutes, the rocket suffered no damage apart from a fin that was partially broken off the rocket. the fin wasn't even bent so I was able to glue it right back on. The next launch will be using the booster, with a D12-0 staging to an E9-8. That launch will hopefully occur in the next week or two.

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Author Finnrocketman
Duration 102 seconds
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