Rocksim Library

The following is a list of the most recent Rocksim design files uploaded to the Rocksim Library.

UploadedManufacturerDesign NameFile Name
2019-03-10CenturiCenturi Point KC-13 oop_Centuri_Point.rkt
2019-03-01-Unknown-Minimum dia. blue tube minimum diameter blue tube V.3.rkt
2019-02-28EstesEstes Saturn V K-39 oop_Estes_Semi_Scale_Saturn_V_K_39_2.rkt
2019-02-28EstesEstes Saturn V K36 oop_estes_Saturn_V_K36_2.rkt
2019-02-27EstesEstes - Orbital Transport oop_estes_Orbital_Transport_BG.rkt
2019-02-23-Unknown-Estes Leviathan stretch Estes Leviathan stretch.rkt
2019-02-23-Unknown-Estes Ventris Estes Leviathan.rkt
2019-02-10CenturiCenturi - Mach 10 Centuri Mach 10.rkt
2019-02-07-Unknown-Switch Blade.rkt Switch Blade.rkt
2019-02-04-Unknown-Madcow Mini Cowabunga.rkt Madcow Mini Cowabunga.rkt
2019-01-30EstesEstes - Saturn V oop_estes_Saturn_V_K36.rkt
2019-01-29EstesEstes Saturn V Semi-Scale K-39 oop_Estes_Semi_Scale_Saturn_V_K_39.rkt
2019-01-07EstesEstes Apogee II Estes_Apogee_II.rkt
2019-01-07-Unknown-Mach 2 Wildman_Mach 2.rkt
2019-01-07-Unknown-SQUARE ONE square one.rkt
2019-01-05Boyce Aerospace HobbiesBoyce Aerospace Hobbies ... Pershing1a Boyce Aerospace as built.rkt
2018-12-17EstesEstes - MX Missile oop_Estes_MX_Missile_#1977.rkt
2018-12-17EstesEstes - Freefall Estes Free Fall #1330.rkt
2018-12-17EstesEstes - GeoSat LV oop_estes_Geo_Sat_LV.rkt
2018-12-17-Unknown-Estes Ventris Ventris.rkt

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