Rocksim Library

The following is a list of the most recent Rocksim design files uploaded to the Rocksim Library.

UploadedManufacturerDesign NameFile Name
2019-11-04-Unknown-D-Engine Ninja 0882 Katana-D II.rkt
2019-10-25-Unknown-Estes Pro Series II E2X ... Glen's kitbash.rkt
2019-10-13EstesEstes - Interceptor Estes_Interceptor 1250.rkt
2019-09-21EstesEstes - SA-2061 Sasha Estes SA-2061 Sasha 72710 Single Stage ORK.rkt
2019-09-21EstesEstes - SA-2061 Sasha Estes SA-2061 Sasha 72710 Two Stage ORK.rkt
2019-09-21EstesEstes ESAM-58 Estes ESAM-58 EST0661.rkt
2019-09-09-Unknown-QU8K QU8K.rkt
2019-09-04EstesEstes - Curvilinear Curvilinear.rkt
2019-09-02EstesEstes - Luna Bug 000816_LUNA_BUG.rkt
2019-08-28-Unknown-Saturn V SaturnV.rkt
2019-08-27-Unknown-Double Shuttle Double Shuttle 1b.rkt
2019-07-02LOC/PrecisionLOC/Precision Athena3 LOC-Athena-3-PK37.rkt
2019-06-07Wildman RocketryWildman Rocketry Jart 3 JART3MOH.rkt
2019-06-05-Unknown-Rocket Bumblebee.ork.rkt
2019-06-03EstesEstes - Mini Fat Boy Estes_Mini Fat Boy.rkt
2019-06-03EnerjetEnerjet 1320 Sounding Rocket 1320 Enerjet.rkt
2019-06-03-Unknown-Vincia Vincia.rkt
2019-06-03EstesEstes - Flip Flyer Estes Fip Flyer 2416.rkt
2019-06-03EstesEstes - Sky Twister Estes Sky Twister 1263.rkt
2019-05-28-Unknown-Phoenix_v2.rkt Phoenix_v2.rkt

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