Rocksim Library

The following is a list of the most recent Rocksim design files uploaded to the Rocksim Library.

UploadedManufacturerDesign NameFile Name
2021-02-09AMWAMW Scalded Tiger AMW Scalded Tiger - Bare bones.rkt
2021-01-14Madcow RocketryMadcow Rocketry Wombat Wombat kit only.rkt
2021-01-01EstesEstes Space Corps Corvette ... Space Corps+Corvette Class - Estes 7281.rkt
2020-12-10EstesEstes - Spirit Spirit.rkt
2020-12-09Madcow RocketryMadcow Rocketry Python Python_kit_only.rkt
2020-12-09EstesEstes - Chiller Chiller.rkt
2020-11-26LOC/PrecisionLOC/Precision - Cyclotron LocPrecisionCyclotron.rkt
2020-11-26QuestQuest - Totally Tubular Quest_TotallyTubular.rkt
2020-11-23Madcow RocketryMadcow Rocketry Viper Viper_with_chute.rkt
2020-11-20Custom RocketsCustom Rockets - Liberty Liberty - 10045.rkt
2020-11-18EstesEstes - Tigres Tigres.rkt
2020-11-13QuestQuest Micro Roc Boingo Boingo.rkt
2020-10-25EstesEstes - Black Brant III BlackBrant3.rkt
2020-10-19-Unknown-EST2113.rkt EST2113.rkt
2020-10-15EstesEstes - Vapor Vapor.rkt
2020-10-15EstesEstes - 3 Bandits 3-Bandits (green).rkt
2020-08-15-Unknown-estes_colossus.rkt estes_colossus.rkt
2020-07-13-Unknown-oop_estes_yellow_jac ... oop_estes_yellow_jacket_100x.rkt
2020-06-20MPCMPC Invader X-2 X-2_Invader.rkt
2020-06-01EstesEstes - Gemini Titan Estes_Gemini-Titan.rkt

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