Rocksim Library

The following is a list of the most recent Rocksim design files uploaded to the Rocksim Library.

UploadedManufacturerDesign NameFile Name
2018-09-24Custom RocketsCustom Rockets - M320 Custom M320.rkt
2018-09-24Custom RocketsCustom Rockets - Serval Custom Serval.rkt
2018-09-23-Unknown-L3 Simple Rocket L3SimpleRocket75mmMotors_OR_20180731v01.rkt
2018-09-15-Unknown-ARCAS arcas.rkt
2018-09-14-Unknown-Rogue.rkt Rogue.rkt
2018-09-13-Unknown-Performance Rocketry Half ... Performance Rocketry Half Scale Amraam.rkt
2018-09-08-Unknown-20k.rkt 20k.rkt
2018-08-27-Unknown-Final As Built L3 5.5" Dual ... 91926.rkt
2018-08-27-Unknown-FourCarbYen 2013 83148.rkt
2018-08-25-Unknown-Colossus Goblin usr_colossus_goblin.rkt
2018-08-24-Unknown-Estes Pro Series II Prowler - ... Estes Pro Series II Prowler kk stock build CA & Epoxy & Nose Weight wJLCR.rkt
2018-08-21-Unknown-ASM 3in.rkt ASM 3in.rkt
2018-08-09-Unknown-Pershing1Abt101.rkt Pershing1Abt101.rkt
2018-08-07-Unknown-Vogon Poetry Vogon Wildman Poetry.rkt
2018-08-06-Unknown-BARCLONE Vindicator Vindicator.rkt
2018-08-06-Unknown-BARCLONE Vireo Vireo.rkt
2018-08-06-Unknown-BARCLONE Wasp Wasp.rkt
2018-08-06-Unknown-Typhoon Typhoon.rkt
2018-08-06-Unknown-Thunder Goon ThunderGoon.rkt
2018-08-06-Unknown-BARCLONE Thunder Dodo Thunder_Dodo.rkt

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