Rocksim Library

The following is a list of the most recent Rocksim design files uploaded to the Rocksim Library.

UploadedManufacturerDesign NameFile Name
2022-11-28EstesEstes - Solo Solo - Estes 7288_ds.rkt
2022-11-18-Unknown-Centuri SAM 3.rkt Centuri SAM 3.rkt
2022-11-18-Unknown-Updated Centutri Russian Sam 3 Centuri SAM 3.rkt
2022-11-18-Unknown-Centuri SAM 3.rkt Centuri SAM 3.rkt
2022-11-06EstesEstes - Converter Estes converter.rkt
2022-10-26CenturiCenturi - Russian SAM-3 Centuri SAM 3.rkt
2022-08-18RocketariumRocketarium - Frangible ARCAS Frangible Arcas.rkt
2022-06-06EstesEstes - Protostar Estes Protostar.rkt
2022-04-11AMW-ProXAMW-ProX White Wolf 4" WhiteWolf4.rkt
2022-04-06-Unknown-ProLine Rocketry HV Arcas.rkt ProLine Rocketry HV Arcas.rkt
2022-03-19-Unknown-asp_wac_corporal_w_t ... asp_wac_corporal_w_tiny_tim_18mm.rkt
2022-03-19-Unknown-Vanguard TV-4.rkt Vanguard TV-4.rkt
2022-03-19-Unknown-Trailblazer-1.rkt Trailblazer-1.rkt
2022-03-19-Unknown-Centuri Star Trooper (Estes ... Centuri Star Trooper (Estes version).rkt
2022-03-19-Unknown-Space Station Aquarius.rkt Space Station Aquarius.rkt
2022-03-19-Unknown-Screaming Eagle - CEN KF-3 ... Screaming Eagle - CEN KF-3 .rkt
2022-03-19-Unknown-Saturn V - EST 2001.rkt Saturn V - EST 2001.rkt
2022-03-19-Unknown-R-7 GRAU.rkt R-7 GRAU.rkt
2022-03-19-Unknown-Phoenix Bird - CEN 5407.rkt Phoenix Bird - CEN 5407.rkt
2022-03-19-Unknown-tlp_falcon2.rkt tlp_falcon2.rkt

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