Launch of model rocket SPACEX FALCON 9 CREW DRAGON, 2+ stages

Model rocket with air start of second stage rocket motor and air start of booster entry burn rocket motor and air start of landing burn rocket motors. Second stage and space capsule return on parachute, the booster lands on extension legs and using rocket motors. Rocket spin controlled by MEMS gyro, second stage recovery system activated in apogee by electro-mechanical gyro-vertical. Total imuls 188 Ns, 10 rocket motors KLIMA. Booster lift-off 6x KLIMA D9-P, entry burn 1x KLIMA C6-P, landing burn 2x KLIMA D3-P, second stage 1x KLIMA D9-P. Rocket launch during XII. Festival of High Power Rocket Models on June 29, 2019 (XII. Festival Velkých Modelů Raket, Modelpark Suché, Europe).

Author Petr Pavlík
Duration 13:00

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