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Estes Oracle Model Rocket Launch (2007-01-29)
This was the first launch of my Estes Oracle model rocket with it's built in USB cam. Launch occured on 1/27/2007 on a boy scout outting with BSA Troop 716 to Vandenburge Air Force Base. It was ... [View]
How to Assemble a Model Rocket Launch Pad (2008-01-18)
This is the launch pad that comes with Estes model rocket kits.  [View]
HPR PVC Launch Pad (2012-03-11)
I designed and built this launch pad over 10-years ago, and it is still a good launch platform [View]
Kyosho blizzard; R/C model rocket launcher (2007-01-09)
this is a R/C model rocket launcher at the lucerne dry lake area, [View]
Ascender rocket launch at Latin American Space Challenge 2019 (2019-08-18)
Motor: KN-SB TOLA 5SO Max Acceleration 9 G Max Velocity 505 km/h Apogee 873 m Max thrust 110 Kg Angular Velocity 250 deg/sec Burn time 3 sec Time to apogee 15.5 sec Reduced gravity time less than ... [View]
Homemade Model Rocket Launch Controller and Launch Pad (2012-09-14)
This video shows a home built launch controller and launch pad and an Estes Big Bertha rocket. I built this rocket, launch pad and controller 6 years ago and have finally got around to sanding and ... [View]
Kyosho blizzard; R/C model rocket launcher (2007-01-10)
R/C model rocket launcher at the lucerne dry lake, part - 2 [View]
Launch Pad 39C Ready for Small Class Rockets at Kennedy Space Center (2015-08-04)
Kennedy Space Center's new Launch Pad 39C will provide access for small class vehicle rocket launches. Computer-aided imagery illustrates how a company's rocket could be integrated with its launch ... [View]
MDRA 1:10 Tower Lifting Higgs Farm Rocket (2018-04-01)
The completed Higgs Farm rocket being lifted by the 1:10 MDRA hydraulic launch tower [View]
Part 7 - How to Build a High Power Rocket: Launch Pad (2012-12-03)
Part 7 of Terrestrial Escape Rocket Project. This is a 3- Fin design using rough-cut lumber and trim molding. If enough interest is generated, I'll do a quick tutorial on how to build it. [View]
ProRail Base Launch Pad (2018-01-09)
When I set out to build my own launch pad, I was looking for a design that was light weight, easy to use and store, and had a low center of gravity. My search led me to a design that fit my needs ... [View]
Saturn V launch pad test 01 - FAIL (2012-10-03)
I'm testing a launch pad I made for a Saturn V model rocket. The blast deflector is made of an Aluminum can which I didn't expect to work. The melting point of Aluminum is about 1200 degrees F and I ... [View]
Semroc Hawk Glider Rocket - Estes Pro-Series II Launch Controller (2019-09-01)
Rocket: Semroc Hawk Glider. Launch Controller: Estes New Pro-Series II. Purchased: Roger's Hobby Center in Saginaw, Michigan High recommended: Estes Pro-series II ... [View]