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Estes Oracle Model Rocket Launch

This was the first launch of my Estes Oracle model rocket with it's built in USB cam. Launch occured on 1/27/2007 on a boy scout outting with BSA Troop 716 to Vandenburge Air Force Base. It was quiet windy, and the launch rod on my large launch pad was too large for the rocket, so I was forced to use a small launch pad. The launch angle was too low, and instead of going up, it went in a low parabola. When the ejection charge blew, the shock cord connecting the body of the rocket with the nose cone and parachute broke, and the body fell to the ground, landing in a area of dense brush. The nose cone with camera landed up in a tree, as you can see in the video. I can't wait to launch this thing again, in less windy conditions with a better launcher.

 Rocketry Product: Estes - Oracle {Kit} (2187) [2004-2008]

Author bloaterpaste
Duration 27 seconds
Rating Best

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