Estes - Oracle Kit

CP Method: Rocksim/Rocksim
CP Position From Front: 30.06 inches
Manufacturer: Estes
Model: 2187
Product Type: Kit
Production Years: 2004-2008
  • Upscale FlisKits Deuce's Wild (24mm) By Lance Alligood

      This is a 24mm upscale of the (justifiably) insanely popular FlisKits Deuce's Wild! All of the key parts used in this build (the motor mount, body tube, and nose cone) were ordered directly from FlisKits as well. It is built to use all sizes of available and popular 24mm motors. I used the following parts: 1 NCB-70DW balsa nose cone 1 EMK2-24-70C motor mount assembly 1 ...

  • Estes - Oracle {Kit} (2187) [2004-2008] By Eric Maglio

    This is the Estes Oracle Digital Video rocket. It represents multiple firsts not only for Estes but for all of low power rocketry. This rocket uses 24mm D motors and contains a micro digital video camera in the nose cone powered by a single AAA battery. Also, the Oracle uses a quality nylon chute instead of a plastic Estes one. The Oracle kit contains 2 body tubes. The first is already ...

  • Estes - Oracle {Kit} (2187) [2004-2008] By Tim Van Milligan

    Brief: The Estes Oracle Video Camera Rocket takes captures digital videos that can be downloaded into your Windows computer. It is a pre-built kit that only requires attaching one body tube and installing the shock cord and parachute. Construction: The kit is an E2X style rocket, meaning that everything is already constructed and the decals are attached. There is no painting ...

  • Estes - Oracle {Kit} (2187) [2004-2008] By Harvey Miller

    Estes Industries recently released the first production digital video camera rocket. I had read about the Oracle many months ago on an Internet user forum. The insider information described a low quality, short duration, video camera. I was pleased to learn that Estes had made a couple of upgrades before final release. This easy to build and great looking rocket with respectable digital video ...

  • Estes - Oracle {Kit} (2187) [2004-2008] By John Chapman

    Brief: The Oracle is a large, mostly preassembled model rocked intended for video capture of launches. The rear looking video unit connects via USB port to standard PCs. the resulting 30 video clips can be viewed with Windows Media Player. Construction: THe tail is a Plastic one piece unit with four fins and bayonet motor mount rear retention. Two coupled 12" body tubes ...

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