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 Rocketry Product: Estes - Oracle {Kit} (2187) [2004-2008]

October Rockets (2009-10-13)
After getting the Oracle as a gift I decided why not give this rocketry thing a try. Launch Day had perfect cloudless blue skies with a whisper of wind. Working my way up in size I tested the launch ... [View]
Estes Oracle Model Rocket Launch (2007-01-29)
This was the first launch of my Estes Oracle model rocket with it's built in USB cam. Launch occured on 1/27/2007 on a boy scout outting with BSA Troop 716 to Vandenburge Air Force Base. It was ... [View]
Estes Oracle launch on an E9-6 with On-Board Footage (2006-11-06)
Oracle video rocket launched on a E9-6 over the New Forest in the South of England, external as well as on-board with pip (picture in picture). [View]
Buccaneer's Football Field Model Rocketry (2010-08-24)
An afternoon of model rocketry at the Buccaneer's Football Field in Hinesburg, Vermont - The rocket is the Estes Oracle Video Rocket (there's a launch clip at the very end) [View]
Estes Oracle Video Rocket Launch & Landing 1666 ft (2011-04-07)
One half speed video of Estes Oracle Rocket with Aerotech E15-7 Engine. Apogee: 1666 feet.. Gardnerville, Nevada. Yes, I caught the rocket before it touched down. [View]
Oracle - G80 Cato (2010-08-16)
Gus Piepenburg's Oracle rocket on an Aerotech G80T at Tripoli Indiana's August 2010 launch. The motor blew by at liftoff. [View]
Estes Oracle Launch 07/17/2008 (2008-07-18)
Another launch of the Oracle camera. The park we were launching from had apparently caught on fire recently, so you can see how much of the land is scorched. [View]
Estes Oracle Model Rocket Fail, Parachute blew off from shockcord (2014-03-17)
Took me about two hours to fnd this rocket in the desert because it just keep going after the parachute violently seperated. Video failed from hard hit on impact! [View]
Estes Oracle on an E9-8 (2007-10-04)
Just thought i'd try the Oracle on an estes E motor. Not too bad, nice flight anyways. [View]
Estes Oracle Video Rocket Launch (2008-01-02)
Launch of an Estes Oracle Video Rocket in Bithlo, FL. [View]
Oracle Model Rocket Launch from (2007-02-14)
Some of the best experiments you can do in schools. recipes and all. [View]