LDRS 31 Teaser
With its rich history and modern diverting family activities, LDRS XXXI had something for flier and family alike. The field at the Torrey Farms of Potter is of a grand scale, not typically found or available for rocket flying and recovery on the East Coast. The former finger lake turned swamp turned nutrient-rich farm land was the perfect venue for five days. The recovery area was approximately 1.5 miles wide by 7 miles long. This offered more than enough space to keep a high-flying project landing on flat ground and out of the surrounding trees, provided the flier didn't deploy at apogee. With a 22,500-foot waiver, there were plenty of rocketeers itching to exceed three miles in altitude and visit a place many have never dreamed of, at speeds they never considered.
Author Australian Rocketry
Duration 103 seconds

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