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LDRS 38 - Three Ns and Three Ms Fired in Four Minutes!
On Sunday, September 1, 2019, at LDRS 38 on the rocket pasture in Argonia, KS, the inimitable LCO Terry Smemo had SO MANY M and N motors on the away pads that he'd start reading the next rocket's flight card before the first one had even coasted to apogee. In this unedited real-time clip, he shoots 6 (SIX!) N- and M-powered rockets in 4 minutes. These flights include: Pad 71: Cory Brennan of Shamrock, TX, flew "Hearing Protection Required" on an N2220 Dark Matter Pad 74: Loren Walden of Fort Worth, TX, flew Pike 33 AGM by MadCow on an N1808 Pad 75: Jim Scott of Pleasantville, IA, flew his Ultimate Wildman on an M2015 [sorry about crappy video here; I just couldn't believe how fast Terry was reading---] Pad 76: Mike Hall of Fort Worth, TX, flew "Rogue" on M900 motor by Loki Pad 77: Elvin Carey of Crane, TX, flew "Drink Till She's Cuter" on an N2088 Pad 78: Jay Holcombe of Midland, TX, flew "Orange Blister" on a self-built M960 research motor This just gives you an idea of how busy and impulse-heavy this LDRS really was! One more thing -- how about seeing 3 or 4 smoke trails hanging in the sky at the same time? The wind is always blowing so fast in Argonia that this never happens -- but on this day, it was almost dead calm. Beautiful.
Author amt253
Duration 04:16

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