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Level 1 NAR Certification Launch | LOC Legacy HPR Rocket | H135W Motor

I built this rocket nearly a decade ago and it has never flown. I wanted to take my son out to see some others fly their rockets and decided to go for a level 1 certification at the same time. We did a small test flight in a "smaller" F motor before strapping the H135W to this rocket. This was a very small rocket for such a bit motor and we were afraid we might lose it, but thankfully we did not. I appreciate all the help and guidance from the Alamo Rocketeer's group, and especially Bill, who helped guide me through my first high powered rocket (HPR) launch. When: December 15, 2018 Where: South Texas Regional Airport (Hondo, Texas) Who: Alamo Rocketeer's Group

 Rocketry Product: LOC/Precision - Legacy {Kit} (PK-8)

Author Chad Keck
Duration 05:20

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