Level 3 Certification Flight- Onboard Video- CINEMA 7- March 16, 2013
Launched at the monthly TTRA launch at the Varn ranch in Plant City FL. CINEMA 7 is a scratch-built, 10 feet tall, 6" diameter Blue Tube rocket weighing 45 pounds. Piston ejection for both drogue and main chutes. Aerotech M-1297 reload. Perfectflite and Missleworks altimeters. Aiptek Hi-Speed HD camcorder pointed down the body of the rocket. Parachutes by Phylachutes, Sky Angle and Fruity Chutes. Lettering by Stickershock. Rocket achieved an altitude of 4,329 feet. Launched from a 16 feet long, 1010 launch rail tower, which is motorized to move the tower from horizontal to vertical orientation. Drogue and main chutes deployed normally and the rocket landed without damage within the launch range. Level 3 certification achieved.

 Rocketry Club: Tripoli Tampa Rocketry Association

Author jmomenee
Duration 04:51

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