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Paul Nortness's Patriothan

Estes Pro Series II Leviathan rocket modified. On my first flight, the rocket landed in the parking lot and splintered the tip of a fin. The splintering was pretty deep, so I decided to make a mod to it. After simming the change in Open Rocket, I decided to go for it. The mod called for taking a cutting wheel on a dremel and removing the sweep on the trailing edge of the fins so it was parallel with the aft of the rocket. I decided the look of the modified Leviathan was very "Patriot missile" looking, so when it came to painting I tried to mimick the look of the Patriot.

Diameter:3.0000 inches
Fin Material:Plywood
Kit Name:Leviathan
Length:41.5000 inches
Motor Size:29 millimeters
Production Years:2012-
Recommended Motors:F26-6, F50-6, G40-7, G80-7
Skill Level:5
Weight:41.5000 ounces



    Flight Log

    TimeLaunch SiteMotor(s)Altitude 
    2012-09-1460 Acres, Redmond WAG40W-71338 feet 
    2012-09-1460 Acres, Redmond WAG76W-7 reload1593 feet 
    2012-09-2860 Acres, Redmond WAG53-7FJ1200 feet 
    2012-09-2860 Acres, Redmond WAG76-7G1600 feet 

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