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Lil Husler Micro Hybrid

This launch took place on the 13/08/2011 The motor used is a Micro Hybrid rocket motor purchased from The rocket is a Semroc kit available from called the 'lil Husler' In order to fire the Micro Hybrid I had to modify the rocket and make my own motor mount. If you require more details send me a message and I will try to help. The ejection did not work. I do not know why as the device (a custom made invention of my own based on anothers circuit diagram) worked during a ground test however I will be retiring the device from service and purchasing something that I know will work in the future. The circuit design used is Dan Pollino's of Inverse Engineering. Check out his book titled 'I Still Have All My Fingers' fulle details can be found within the book and it is fantastically written. Also check out his videos on youtube

Author Ratiko
Duration 15 seconds
Rating Good

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