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Mad dog 3x7 1996

A Blast From the Past From the video archives of Carl Wasleske - 15 years ago! A video of his flight that may be the only successful three stage HPR ever flown from our beloved sod farm. Rather than the usual drop stage configuration, Carl packed seven motors into the booster section of the 4" airframe. The rocket sported an Adept Rocketry ALTS2 dual deployment altimeter, ventilated and snubbed "anti-zipper" ejection pistons, styrene rod nose cone retention shear pins, a 16" drouge and a 6 foot home made main chute for a soft landing. First stage to get her moving was a 38mm Aerotech reloadable I284, second stage three 29mm Aerotech G64s and third stage three Aerotech 24mm single use G42s. Timed ignition between the stages was accomplished with bare Thermalite ignitor cord encased in Teflon capillary tubing. Recorded altitude was 6,837 feet. Enjoy!

 Rocketry Product: Adept Rocketry - ALTS2 {Component}

Author wdtj
Duration 189 seconds
Rating Good

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