Flight Log - 2013-09-07 - Mark Kulka's FSI Star Gazer (Clone)
Flight Date: 2013-09-07
Rocket Name: FSI Star Gazer (Clone)
Kit Name: FSI - Stargazer (1002, MRK-2) [1967-1994]
Flyer's Name: Mark Kulka
Motors: B6-0/A8-5
Launch Site: ASTRE - Washington Cty. Fairgrounds

Finally gave this perennial bridesmaid a full-up flight. Quick, nice boost, prompt staging, brief sustainer flight, straight up in now-calm wind. Would have been a perfect small-field flight. Unfortunately, nose cone got tangled up in parachute risers, preventing the 9" canopy from fully inflating. Came in a bit hard under improbably reefed 'chute. One sustainer fin fully detached and stuck into the ground. Booster tumbled nicely, landed without damage. Very pleased with this rocket's overall performance, despite the hard landing.

1Estes B6-0
2Estes A8-5


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