Flight Log - 2013-09-07 - Mark Kulka's High Flying Cards - Carded Patriot
Flight Date: 2013-09-07
Rocket Name: High Flying Cards - Carded Patriot
Flyer's Name: Mark Kulka
Motors: A10-3
Expected Altitude: 250.00 Feet
Wind Speed: 8.00 mph
Launch Site: ASTRE - Washington Cty. Fairgrounds
Actual Altitude: 150.00 Feet

First flight at  the new field. Wind check flight. Nominal flight -- a little wiggly, which I have never seen before with this rocket. Low, too, lower than expected. Perfect deployment and recovery. slight squirreliness might have been due to the gusty, variable wind at the time. Other rockets launched around the same time were also exhibiting this behavior.

1Estes A10T-3


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