Flight Log - 2014-03-01 - Matthew Bond's 1.61x Upscale Der Green Max
An upscale of the Estes Der Red Max with a 29mm motor mount, and alien themed Der Green Max vinyl decals from Stickershock.
Flight Date: 2014-03-01
Rocket Name: 1.61x Upscale Der Green Max
Kit Name: Estes - Der Red Max {Kit} (651) [2007-]
Flyer's Name: Matthew Bond
Motors: G68-8
Expected Altitude: 2,005.00 Feet
Wind Speed: 3.00 mph
Launch Site: SEARS
Actual Altitude: 2,001.00 Feet

Nice flight from the Green Max!  Super boost, straight and fast off the rod.  Arcing over at the top of the climb, still nose up a bit at ejection.  Good chute, not much drift, landed on the field with no damage.  Flown with a Jolly Logic Altimeter II with the following data recorded: Burn time1.6 sec, peak acceleration 16.8g, average acceleration 10.1g, coast time to apogee 5.9 sec, ejection 0.2 sec prior to apogee, ejection altitude 1862 feet, descent rate 16 mph, flight duration 86.5 sec, max altitude 2001 feet, max velocity 354 mph

1CTI 108G68-13A-8


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