Flight Log - 2012-01-14 - Matthew Bond's 1.61x Upscale Der Green Max
An upscale of the Estes Der Red Max with a 29mm motor mount, and alien themed Der Green Max vinyl decals from Stickershock.
Flight Date: 2012-01-14
Rocket Name: 1.61x Upscale Der Green Max
Kit Name: Estes - Der Red Max {Kit} (651) [2007-]
Flyer's Name: Matthew Bond
Motors: F40-7
Expected Altitude: 1,295 Feet
Wind Speed: 3.00 mph
Launch Site: ROC

First Flight of the upscale Der Green Max, with the cool decals from Stickershock!  Nice boost, quick and straight off the rod.  Still nose up, possible climbing a bit at ejection.  Good chute, minimal drift, lakebed landing, no damage.  Forgot to turn on the Jolly Logic Altimeter One, so no data for this flight. 

1Aerotech F40-7


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