Flight Log - 2018-10-28 - Matthew Bond's 1.77x Upscale Duster "Dubya"
Flight Date: 2018-10-28
Rocket Name: 1.77x Upscale Duster "Dubya"
Flyer's Name: Matthew Bond
Motors: H165-8
Expected Altitude: 2,115.00 Feet
Wind Speed: 5.00 mph
Launch Site: Bama Blastoff 2018

Nice boost, quick and straight off the rail, arcing over a bit into the wind during the coast.  Good deployment at apogee, several folks noted that a small "piece" of the rocket had separated.  Everything landed together in the field and I recovered one of the forward fins which had been knocked off the booster.  A good flight otherwise.

1Aerotech H165R-8


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