Flight Log - 2011-10-09 - Matthew Bond's 1.77x Upscale Duster "Dubya"
Flight Date: 2011-10-09
Rocket Name: 1.77x Upscale Duster "Dubya"
Flyer's Name: Matthew Bond
Motors: H54-9
Expected Altitude: 2,200.00 Feet
Wind Speed: 5.00 mph
Launch Site: ROC
Actual Altitude: 1,643.00 Feet

Last flight of the day, using one of the CTI "Long Burn" white motors.  Max delay on this motor is 10 seconds, since the smallest setting on the CTI delay drilling tool is a 3 second reduction I tried to only take a couple turns with the drill to get near a 9 second delay.  Had some trouble inserting the igniter in the motor, finally had to take to motor out of the rocket, pull the nozzle section off, insert the igniter into the offset core of the propellent and then thread the nozzle back on.  Good ignition, nice smooth ride up the rail.  rocket leaned over off the rail about 5-10 degrees or so and climbed at that angle.  I must have drilled the delay grain more than I intended since the ejection charge fired while the rocket was still climbing at a pretty good clip.  The chute deployed fine and the rocket landed on the lakebed with no damage.  I used a Jolly Logic Altimeter One for the flight data.  Post flight I had a very hard time removing the liner from the motor case, and it ended up leaving a fair bit of the liner melted to the inside of the case.  WD-40 and a little elbow grease got the case cleaned out (thanks to the crown of TRF for the tip)

1CTI 168H54-10A-9


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