Flight Log - 2015-02-27 - Matthew Bond's 1.77x Upscale Duster "Dubya"
Flight Date: 2015-02-27
Rocket Name: 1.77x Upscale Duster "Dubya"
Flyer's Name: Matthew Bond
Motors: H128-8
Expected Altitude: 2,106.00 Feet
Wind Speed: 4.00 mph
Launch Site: GRITS 2015
Actual Altitude: 2,104.00 Feet

Nice flight of the 29mm Duster.  Swapped out delay elements to get the shorter delay.  Great boost, straight and fast, just starting to arc overat the top of the climb, still nose up at ejection.  Good chute, moderate recovery walk, landed on the field with no damage.  Data is from an Altimeter Two: Burn time 3.9 sec, Peak acceleration 15.8g, Average acceleration 3.8g, Coast time to apogee6.9 sec, Ejection 0.4 sec prior to apogee, Ejection altitude 2080 ft, Descent rate 18 mph, Flight duration 88.5 sec, Max altitude 2104 ft, Max velocity 326 mph.

1Aerotech H128W-8


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