Flight Log - 2013-10-26 - Matthew Bond's 2.00x Upscale Goblin
An upscale of the Estes Goblin with a 29mm motor mount and vinyl decals from Stickershock
Flight Date: 2013-10-26
Rocket Name: 2.00x Upscale Goblin
Kit Name: Estes - Goblin {Kit} (1255) [1970-1982]
Flyer's Name: Matthew Bond
Motors: G64-7
Expected Altitude: 1,980.00 Feet
Wind Speed: 4.00 mph
Launch Site: C-61 DZ
Actual Altitude: 2,077.00 Feet

Great boost from the Big Gob, straight fast and loud off the rod, certainly impressed the crowd of kids.  Arcing over at the top of the climb, still nose up at ejection.  Good chute, long time coming down.  Landed on the field, probably 250 yards out from the pads.  One fin snapped clean off just above the fillet.  Not sure what happened, since the field ins't that hard, and there was no signs of pre-existing damage to the fin.  Kind of bummed since this one only had a few flights and was still looking pretty much like new.  Probably won't take the time to repair it, but we'll see.  First time using the Jolly Logic Altimeter 2 which reported the following stats:  Apogee 2077 ft, max speed 295 mph, burn time 1.8 sec, peal acceleration 17.3 g, average acceleration 7.3 g, coast time to apogee 8.0 sec, ejection 0.7 sec prior to apogee at 1975 ft, descent rate 14 mph, total flight duration 101.5 sec.  Nice data set from this unit, I like it.

1Aerotech G64-7


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