Flight Log - 2012-01-14 - Matthew Bond's 2.00x Upscale Goblin
An upscale of the Estes Goblin with a 29mm motor mount and vinyl decals from Stickershock
Flight Date: 2012-01-14
Rocket Name: 2.00x Upscale Goblin
Kit Name: Estes - Goblin {Kit} (1255) [1970-1982]
Flyer's Name: Matthew Bond
Motors: F40-7
Expected Altitude: 1,270.00 Feet
Wind Speed: 2.00 mph
Launch Site: ROC
Actual Altitude: 1,228.00 Feet

First Flight of the Big Goblin!  Nice boost, smooth and straight.  Looked like a nice tailstand, maybe a litle early on the delay.  Chute fouled slightly on ejection, but was mostly inflated.  Almost no drift, stuck the landing on the fins.  No damage.  Jolly Logic Altimeter One flown for data.

1Aerotech F40-7


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