Flight Log - 2021-12-22 - Matthew Jones's Orange Bullet
Flight Date: 2021-12-22
Rocket Name: Orange Bullet
Kit Name: Estes - Orange Bullet {Kit} (7295) [2020-]
Flyer's Name: Matthew Jones
Motors: 1/2A6-2
Launch Site: Eagle River
Actual Altitude: 275.00 Feet

First and last flight of the orange bullet. Flown on an 1/2A6-2 it went about 250-300 feet, it weather cocked to the right as it slowed down and ended up about 100+ yards away in the trees and snow so I was unable to recover. I did notice that it did not tumble on the recovery and was in a nose down attitude. (probably why I couldn't find it in the snow)

1Estes 1/2A6-2


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