Measure Rocket Altitude by Video 01-26-12.AVI
This 6-ft tall foam rocket with G40-4 motor dropped a 7-in diameter rubber ball trailing a 10-ft streamer at the apex of the flight. The video runs at 20 frames per second. The 10-ft streamer took exactly 7 frames to cross the tree line so it was falling at 28.5 ft/sec. The rocket launched at frame 197. The flight apex was near frame 310. The parachute was fully deployed by frame 340. The ball was near full speed by frame 350. The ball hit the ground at frame 737. The ball fell 737 -- 350 = 387 frames = 19.35 seconds. 19.35 sec times 28.5 ft/sec = 551 feet. The rocket flew 551 feet high with an average velocity of 100 ft/sec.
Author LakatosFilms
Duration 72 seconds

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