Public Missiles - Mini Black Brant X (BBX) Kit

Diameter: 2.10 inches
Fin Material: Fiberglass
Manufacturer: Public Missiles
Motor Size: 29 millimeters
Nose Cone Material: Plastic
Power: High-Power
Product Type: Kit
Recovery: Parachute, Streamer
Status: In-Production
Style: Scale
Tags: Scale:Black Brant:Black Brant X
  • Public Missiles Mini Black Brant X (BBX) By Brian Sutton courtesy of WildRocketry.Com

    (by Brian Sutton courtesy of WildRocketry.Com) I must admit, I am becoming a real fan of PML kits. Normally I like to scratch build, but when I feel the need to put something together in a hurry, PML is definitely the way to go for high quality, durable kits. The Mini BBX is a new released by PML. What caught my attention was the news that the Mini BBX is going to have a Terrier Booster ...

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  • Bob Bernatchez for Updating Product Attributes


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