LOC/Precision - Minie-Magg Kit

"Minie" is probably "Minnie" misspelled.


Manufacturer: LOC/Precision
Model: PK-5
Product Type: Kit
Production Years: 1985-
Tags: Family:LOC/Precision:Magg
  • LOC/Precision - Minie-Magg {Kit} (PK-5) [1985-] By Theresa Pantoja (August 19, 2020)

    This kit is great for people who want a fun high powered rocket. The size is not cumbersome and the build is not complicated.   Components Model:  07653 Skill Level 3:  Average Skills Needed Length:  37.000" (93.98 cm) Weight:  53.000 oz (1502.52 g) Diameter (Max):  5.540" (14.07 cm) Fin Count:  3 Motor Size:  ...

  • LOC/Precision - Minie-Magg {Kit} (PK-5) [1985-] By David Hunt (January 18, 2017)

    This was my first High Power Rocket.  I certified L1 and L2 with this same rocket.  It is very easy to build.  LOC"s "LOC-N-Fin" method of using fin tabs inside to air frame worked very well.  With the tabs installed the fins naturally fell into the proper perpendicular orientation.  With the big 5.5" air frame applying epoxy to all the interior parts was very ...

  • LOC/Precision - Minie-Magg {Kit} (PK-5) [1985-] By Bryan M. Chuck

    LOC's Minie-Magg is a single-staged HP rocket popular with many fliers. Its stubby profile combined with a basic build make it a fun flier for larger motors, as well as smaller H motors for a lesser field. The parts were contained in a durable plastic bag. The inventory of parts are as follows: 1 nosecone, plastic 1 kraft paper airframe 5.54" diameter (fin slots pre-cut) 1 kraft ...

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