Model Rocket Crashes into own Builder's Car

Years ago we used to occasionally launch rockets on our lunch hour at work. We called it a "lunch launch". On this particular Spring day in 1991 we had a good crowd gathered, and several rockets prepared for launch. Some of the rockets had "special" payloads in them to add to the interest. This video shows what happened to one of the rockets. It too had a "special" payload. It went up fine, but the ejection charge did not deploy the parachute or "special" payload. Instead the rocket plummeted several hundred feet straight down. Amazingly enough it crashed into the back window of the Chevy IROC that was owned by the very guy who built and launched the rocket! Upon hitting the IROC, the rocket immediately broke into many pieces, and second or two later its "special" payload, which was now spilled all over the pavement provided an exicting finish to the whole event! And it was all caught on tape, including the the rocket's red paint "decorating" the IROC's rear window. Enjoy!

Author dsmavis
Duration 68 seconds
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