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 Rocketry Product: Estes - Mongoose {Kit} (2092) [1994-]

Estes Mongoose Model Rocket (2009-12-09)
Watch this 2 stage Estes Mongoose model rocket take to the skies on two B motors. [View]
2 successful launches of my two-stage Estes Mongoose rocket (2011-10-15)
The day for the launch had arrived. The weather was mild, the winds were calm and the level of sunlight was just perfect. The recovery system failed to deploy on my first launch due to what I ... [View]
Estes Mongoose Model Rocket w/Onboard Camera (2020-08-30)
Estes Mongoose single stage, onboard camera is the new estes astrocam from the Target Kit. BP C6-7 motor, w/Estes Altimeter. Apogee 508', safe recovery. It was a little windy but with the rocket ... [View]
Flight # 12 Mini-Cineroc 2 stage, B.6-0, B.6-4 (2020-06-25)
First 2 stage flight of the Mini-Cineroc using an Estes Mongoose rocket propelled by B.6-0 and B.6-4 engines. Both the camera and rocket descend on independent chutes and land 10 apart from each ... [View]
Successful Three Stage Estes Rocket Launch (2013-03-22)
Two two stage Mongoose Estes rockets where modified to make one three stage rocket. The first launch attempt was successful in firing all three stages but the rocket was never recover except for the ... [View]