Aerotech G74W - Time-Thrust Curve and Data

The G74W (G74) is a 2% G single-use composite motor from Aerotech.

Aerotech's White Lightning propellant produces a brilliant white flame and white smoke.

Average Thrust: 78.7926 N
Class: 2% G
Delays: 4,6,9 s seconds
Designation: G74W
Diameter: 29.0000 mm
Formula: White Lightning
Length: 83.0000 mm
Letter: G
Manufacturer: Aerotech
Name: G74
Peak Thrust: 93.4820 N
Propellant: APCP
Thrust Duration: 1.0400 s
Total Impulse: 81.9443 Ns
Total Weight: 88.0000 g
Type: Single-Use

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