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Model Rocket Site: Parts of a Model Rocket Engine (1969-12-31)
In past articles we have explained the different parts of both the outer and inner pieces of a model rocket. Now we will be discussing the parts of a model rocket engine and how these parts work ... [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: Kosdon O-10,000 (2005-11-02)
This is a web page with the history of the O-10,000 motor. This high thrust 4 inch motor has been used quite a bit for large projects including the thunderbolt posted below. In addition, Rikki ... [Read More]

Randy's Rocketry Blog: Motor Stats (2007-05-10)
I thought I'd post some quick stats on the motor that I flew on the 28th of April. The motor was designed to produce approximately 425 lbs of thrust for 2.2 seconds for a total impulse of nearly ... [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: Warp 9 - A discussion of rocket motors (2007-07-09)
A rocket gets off to a very fast start on a new type of propellant - Warp 9 Rocket motors come in many different forms. There are disposable motors and re-loadable motors in which you keep some ... [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: Shock (Mach) Diamonds (2007-08-17)
THE PHYSICS OF SHOCK DIAMONDS Shock diamonds are formed when the exhaust (or any other flow) exits a nozzle supersonically and at a pressure different than that of the ambient atmosphere, i.e., the ... [Read More]

Randy's Rocketry Blog: Early Dual Burn Motor Test (2007-09-20)
This is a video of a static test that I conducted back in 2005 when I first got involved with the Sugar Shot project. The dual burn concept is not new, but I haven't heard of any amateurs ... [Read More]

Randy's Rocketry Blog: Composite Propellant Class (2007-11-03)
Later this month I'll be participating in a composite propellant class at the FAR site. The class is being taught by Dave Reese. Dave's a student at USC and was involved with this awesome project ... [Read More]

Randy's Rocketry Blog: Composite motor class (2007-11-19)
I took part in a composite motor class this past weekend. The class was taught by Dave Reese and was conducted at the Friends of Amateur Rocketry site. The class was a lot of fun and full of lots of ... [Read More]

Randy's Rocketry Blog: Photos from November (2008-03-02)
Last November my friend James and I participated in a propellant class at the FAR site. James took some great pictures of the days events. The pictures above are of my KNO3/sugar motor and of my ... [Read More]

DTH Rocket Blog: Rocket Propulsion Elements! Finally! (2008-07-29)
I've had my eye on this book for about a year now, and I FINALLY purchased it! This will be a resource that will be useful in educating myself about REAL rocket science, not model rocketry (which is ... [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: Small motor order (2008-09-27)
I just got a small set of RMS motor loads for my 29 and 24mm hardware. They are two G motors, one E, and 3 D motors. This order was placed at Hobby Linc; probably the cheapest source for small ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Move over plasma thrusters, black powder is on the job (2008-11-30)
Check out the following excerpt from NASA Space Flight : Later in the day, Endeavour carried out the deployment of a solar cell experiment Picosat on behalf of the Department of Defence (DOD). ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Couldn't resist more motors at 40%-0ff (update) (2008-12-07)
First, I'll point out that it it almost too late to take advantage of Quest's 40%-off sale (see below) so ya' better hurry. I originally had decided that I had enough 18mm motors and thus was going ... [Read More]

Value Rockets Blog: e-Commerce Site Now Online (2009-02-15)
AeroTech`s full-featured webstore is now complete and open for business at Featuring an easy-to-navigate design, the store is divided into six major ... [Read More]

Value Rockets Blog: Curt von Delius Sets New J and M-Class Altitude Records With AeroTech Reloads at XPRS 2008 Launch (2009-03-01)
Curt von Delius, using a modified version of his record-setting Level 3 airframe, crushed his previous ?M?-class altitude record of 37,762 feet by flying it to a GPS verified altitude of 45,328 feet ... [Read More]

Value Rockets Blog: Tripoli Motor Testing Certifies New High-Power Mojave Green Reload Kit (2009-03-08)
The Tripoli Motor Testing (TMT) Committee of the Tripoli Rocketry Association has certified a new AeroTech high-power Mojave Green? propellant RMS? reload, the L1390G-P. The L1390G-P fits AeroTech, ... [Read More]

Value Rockets Blog: AeroTech Unveils New 24mm Single-Use Motor at NARCON 2009 (2009-03-19)
AeroTech is releasing its first new 24mm single-use motor since 2001, the 24 X 95mm Blue Thunder? F32T, during NARCON 2009 in Wethersfield, CT. The F32T features an all-new molded phenolic casing ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Is there a new propellant coming? (2009-03-27)
There is an great thread on YORF about an Estes-Cox patent application for an new propellant. This propellant, Vulcanite TM EB-75, is based on potassium perchlorate and offers an ISP of over double ... [Read More]

Value Rockets Blog: Federal BATFE Permits No Longer Required to Purchase and Store AeroTech High-Power Motors and Reload Kits (2009-05-18)
Following the resolution of a long and difficult legal struggle, AeroTech is very happy to report that effective immediately all AeroTech high-power (generally `H` class and above) rocket motors and ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Looks like Kosdon is back (2009-05-26)
Here's the announcement. Performance Hobbies has already announced the availability of some motors. Although not certified (at post time), these can be flown at MDRA. To All, I am very ... [Read More]

Value Rockets Blog: AeroTech Creates Karl E. Baumann Signature Product Line (2009-05-27)
AeroTech is pleased to announce that it has created the Karl E. Baumann (KEB?) Signature Line? of specialty and high-performance rocket motor products. Karl is currently AeroTech`s Director of ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: AeroTech announces the first three items in their new Karl E. Baumann Signature Product Line (2009-05-28)
AeroTech Information Release 5/28/09 AeroTech Creates Karl E. Baumann Signature Product Line AeroTech is pleased to announce that it has created the Karl E. Baumann (KEB™) Signature L ... [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: 2009: The year of the motor! (2009-05-29)
A huge set of new motors is on the way down the pipeline at the very moment. Most of them come from Cesaroni , but Aerotech also just announced three end burner motors (one with an extra grain of ... [Read More]

Value Rockets Blog: AeroTech Offers Prize for Fastest RMS Assembly Video (2009-06-01)
AeroTech/RCS will provide a $500 AeroTech gift certificate to the individual who produces a video that demonstrates the fastest assembly of an AeroTech, Dr. Rocket or Rouse-Tech RMS-29/180 motor ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Quest F12 test flight (2009-06-02)
Here's a video showing a Quest F12 being prepped for flight. This was a private launch hosted by MDRA member, formally known as FooseFest. One of the attendees employee in the sport rocketry ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Kosdon TRM issued interim re-certification (2009-06-12)
ROL passes on word from Paul Holmes of Tripoli Motor Testing that Frank Kosdon provided the required paperwork to get his motors re-instated. They will be certified for one year by which time ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Kenny knows Kosdon (2009-06-17)
Ken Allen just announced his pricing for the Kosdon TRM motors whose certifications were just reinstated. He has all of the motors on the list except for the 24mm H470F-P and the 75mm M3200F-P. ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: How long is yours? (2009-06-17)
I was contemplating a 24mm 'H'-powered fin shredder. So, just how long is a 24mm 'H' anyway? Well, the 24/250 motor, which will give you either an H200-13 or J365-15, is a mere 15" long. If this ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: APCP cost may be rising (2009-06-19)
Rocketry Planet has learned that, due "increasingly limited supply" of surplus ammonium perchlorate (AP) and the "serious decline" in the quality of surplus AP, AeroTech has announced they will be ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: It's not 'research' but what is it? (2009-06-19)
Last year, I ordered a 3-pack of F24 RMS loads that was missing a ton of parts including 2 of the 3 delay assemblies. I contacted AeroTech and, after emailing some evidence, they promptly replaced ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: I hate it when the motor won't fit (2009-07-24)
Crap. I had planned to fly my Quest DC-Y Space Clipper on an 18mm reload. The engine hook and block think differently. No time for surgery...gotta find something else to fly the assembled load on. ... [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: Why I love Giant Leap (2009-07-24)
This is the latest motor purchase, from the Giant Leap motor division. I am excited to get back into high power soon, now that I can store the motors without a LEUP (probably.) To do this, while ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: 18mm RMS dilemma solved (2009-07-24)
This photo shows my modified delay charge holder. Instead of the stock cap, that won't fit through my rocket's motor retention components, I made one from a piece of MicroMaxx tubing. I built-up the ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: 5-year motor usage stats (2009-07-31)
Just for grins, I fiddled with some stats. (The stats are from EMRR , I just fiddled to display them here.) 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 4 3 8 22 1 2 16 4 12 7 6 2 9 44 17 ... [Read More]

Value Rockets Blog: AeroTech Receives California State Fire Marshal Approvals for Three RMS Reload Kits (2009-08-04)
The California Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) has issued classification approvals for three new high-power AeroTech Karl E. Baumann (KEB) Signature Line RMS reload kits. The specific motors ... [Read More]

Greg Smith's Blog: L610 motor build in only 1 minute! (2009-08-20)
Clearly this must be a new record: Man I'm fast! :) [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Now THAT'S an igniter (2009-08-29)
I received confirmation that the igniter assembly on the ALICE flight motor housed an AeroTech H180 reload. The H180 was head-end ignited. This project is just so cool! (this short post now ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Steel as a motor casing material (2009-09-10)
In his latest post, Randy's Rocketry describes the steel casing he is using in his current motor design. He also explores the use of steel in general. This discussion is driven by the fact the both ... [Read More]

Randy's Rocketry Blog: 2.375" Rocket Motor Design, Nozzle (2009-09-17)
I haven't done a lot of additional work on the design. I'm not sure that I'll remove the material indicated in red in the first image, back cuts like that can prove to be pretty time consuming. I ... [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: Lasers and rockets... pretty obvious if you think about it. (2009-09-18)
[Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Nozzle? We don't need no steenkin' nozzle! (Update) (2009-09-25)
Although I can't quote any equations, I've read several overviews of how rocket nozzles work , specifically the standard de Laval variety, and generally understand concepts like expansion ratios. At ... [Read More]

Value Rockets Blog: AeroTech Displays 38mm High Power RMS Reload Adapter System at XPRS 2009 (2009-09-27)
AeroTech displayed a new reload adapter system for its 38mm high power RMS? motors during the XPRS launch in the Black Rock Desert near Gerlach, NV held September 17-21. The system allows the use of ... [Read More]

Randy's Rocketry Blog: 2.375" Nozzle Update (2009-09-28)
I finished the back cut on the shoulder area. In an attempt to get really clean flow into the throat area, the convergent starts at a steep 45 degrees that leads into a shallower 22.5 degree section ... [Read More]

Value Rockets Blog: AeroTech on Facebook (2009-10-18)
AeroTech now has a page on Facebook! Follow the very latest AeroTech news, information, product developments and testing at [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Ya' gotta know your motor plug color codes (2009-10-19)
I can keep the black and white ones straight, but never can remember the others. So, trial and error is required at every LPR launch. Via TRF : 1/4A3, 1/2A3, A3 - Orange A10 - Green 1/2A6, A8, B4 ... [Read More]

Value Rockets Blog: AeroTech Unveils New E20W Model Rocket Motor at 2009 iHobby Expo (2009-10-21)
AeroTech Consumer Aerospace is introducing a new 24mm `E`-class single-use model rocket motor in new retail packaging at the 2009 iHobby Expo trade show in Chicago, IL held during October 22 through ... [Read More]

Greg Smith's Blog: Thermite ignition tests (2009-10-24)
[Disclaimer: I assume no responsibility for use or misuse of this information. It's available elsewhere on the Internet and I'm simply sharing my engineering interpretation of that information. Use ... [Read More]

Value Rockets Blog: Tripoli Motor Testing Certifies 38mm RMS Reload Adapter System, Five New High-Power RMS Reload Kits (2009-10-25)
The Tripoli Motor Testing (TMT) committee of the Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA) has tested and approved a number of new AeroTech products. 38mm RMS Reload Adapter System The previously-announced ... [Read More]

Value Rockets Blog: NAR Certifies New AeroTech E20W Motor (2009-10-28)
The National Association of Rocketry (NAR) Standards & Testing (S&T) Committee has certified AeroTech?s new E20W model rocket motor. The motor features an all-new molded phenolic casing with ... [Read More]

Value Rockets Blog: AeroTech Lowers Retail Prices on High-Power RMS Reload Kits (2009-11-01)
As a result of AeroTech locating several high-quality sources of lower-cost Ammonium Perchlorate (AP) oxidizer, AeroTech has reduced suggested retail prices on its entire line of high-power ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Long Q2G2 igniters are shipping (2009-11-18)
Quest just announced the new 8" Q2G2 igniters are now shipping. This past weekend, I received first hand confirmation that the original short lead Q2G2s will ignite smaller AeroTech Hobbyline ... [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: Confusing or simple? Vote in the comments. (2009-12-08)
Or vote any difficulty level in the spectrum from counting the sand grains on all the World's oceans, to blinking. I ask because of this thread in the Rocketry Planet Forums. It is no new thing that ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: A new edition of Experimental Composite Propellant is on the way (2009-12-18)
Dr. Terry 'Pr'fesser' McCreary has just announced his plans to publish the 2nd edition of his acclaimed book, Experimental Composite Propellant . The 1st edition is regarded as one of the best ... [Read More]

Value Rockets Blog: Anchor Retaining Ring for AeroTech 38mm RMS Reload Adapter System Now Available (2009-12-28)
The anchor retaining ring (P/N 38FCRRA) for the AeroTech 38mm RMS reload adapter system is now available, and is priced at $19.99 MSRP. The anchor retaining ring is an accessory to the previously ... [Read More]

Randy's Rocketry Blog: Amateur Experimental vs High Powered Rocketry (2010-01-04)
The other day someone that knew I was "into" rocketry said, "I saw this show on TV where these guys put rocket motors onto a ten foot mock up of Dorothy's house from the Wizard of Oz and shot it ... [Read More]

Randy's Rocketry Blog: New Sugar (2010-01-06)
I ordered a new batch of Erythritol. The previous brand that I used was Zsweet and the new stuff that I ordered is NowFoods. I have used Sorbitol from NowFoods before with very good results. It'll ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Hobby rocket motor archaeology (updated) (2010-01-10)
I wanted to document more about the unidentified motor that I mentioned in my build session report . While I was at it, I thought I might as well photograph a sampling of my current vintage motor ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Q Motor !!! (2010-01-12)
Q Motor !!! , originally uploaded by jurvetson . Follow the photo link to learn about the eventual target rocket, the Beagle-2 , which will fly on four of these puppies. Three in the booster and ... [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: Q motors! (2010-01-12)
Thanks to a post over at The Rocket Dungeon , we have a great new picture of a Q motor. This appears to be part of Beagle II, simulated below, which is designed to fly to as high as 250,000 feet. ... [Read More]

Value Rockets Blog: AeroTech Lowers Prices on Five Single-Grain 54mm RMS Reload Kits (2010-01-24)
AeroTech Consumer Aerospace has redesigned its five single-grain 54mm soda can motor reload kits to use less expensive components and has significantly reduced prices on the entire range of reloads ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: T-shirt WANT (2010-01-24)
Via Jerry Irvine on Rocketry Planet: [Read More]

Value Rockets Blog: TMT Certifies Three New AeroTech High-Power RMS K-Class Motors (2010-01-27)
The Tripoli Motor Testing (TMT) Committee of the Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA) has certified two new AeroTech 54mm and one new 75mm Reloadable Motor System? (RMS?) K-class rocket motor reload ... [Read More]

Value Rockets Blog: AeroTech Receives Seven New California State Fire Marshal Rocket Motor and Reload Kit Approvals (2010-02-02)
The California Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) has issued classification approvals for one new AeroTech single-use model rocket motor in three time delays and six new high-power RMS? rocket ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Decertified motors may be flown at Tripoli Research Launches (2010-03-12)
Rocketry Planet reports that TRA VP Terry McCreary has notified the prefectures that commercial motors that have been decertified can now be flown at TRA research launches. It's unclear to me ... [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: Multiple rocket-gazms - Pro 29 Vmax motors! (2010-04-08)
I keep trying to stop using so many exclamation points while blogging, but it is just very hard to do with news like this!!!1 At under .5 sec burn time, these are fast even for Vmax motors. (Granted ... [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: CTI Pro-X N-10,000 (2010-04-12)
How insane is this motor? A 1% N, with about 2600 lbs of peak thrust (2300 average), that burns for 1 second. Granted this is not quite the O10,000 (with less than half of the burn time), but the ... [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: New reloads (2010-04-21)
Today, a shipment from arrived. This web page is a great source for very cheap motors, up to G impulse, with prices often half of those found on every other web page. Granted, they ... [Read More]

Bayourat Aerospace Blog: TMT CERTIFIES RATT-WORKS TRI-BRID MOTOR!! (2010-05-18)
Finnally a motor that runs on moonshine! We are very pleased to announce two new certified motors from RATTworks, Dave Griffiths, head gas passer. The following motors are the first in a new ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: The first RATTworks Tribrid motors have been certified by Tripoli (2010-05-18)
As seen on Rocketry Planet , it appears that Tripoli Motor Testing (TMT) has certified two RATTworks Tribrids: a 1861K350TR-P (45% K) and a 2170K600TR-P (70% K motor). For those who don't know what ... [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: Chasing the N record (2010-06-21)
(Images from The Rocketry Planet show various high altitude rockets) This brilliant article from the Rocketry Planet has been in my bookmarks for a few months now, just waiting to get posted ... [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: Just arrived (2010-06-29)
Just got some motors and parts in the mail, ready for the next launch! Got rail guides for one rocket, a 38-29mm adapter for the thunderbolt kit, a 2 grain 38mm CTI case, and the following motors: ... [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: Skidmarks (2010-06-30)
Going away, be back next week! [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Finding the speed of Quest plastic (2010-07-07)
Not long ago, I decided to fly all my 'collectable' motors. Next up is a G125-15. I think I'll put it in my 29mm Quest Nike Smoke . I'm going to try to restrain myself and keep it in the range ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: How about an H reload for the 29/40-120 case!?! (2010-07-09)
Via AeroTech's Facebook page: RMS-29/40-120 motor just tested at 150 N-sec with a 1.17 sec burn to bump up the propellant to enter the 'H' power range! Sounds like Warp9 to me. ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: New 29/40-120 details (2010-07-10)
The Amateur Geek was right about the propellant used in the forthcoming high thrust load for the AeroTech 29/40-120 case. Again, via FB: "New Blue Thunder (the high solids, high Isp version). Yes ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Old Engines Blue Centuri A8-5s (2010-07-11)
I'd seen blue Estes engines mentioned on a forum last year, but I have a feeling these blue Centuri engines are pretty rare. Most modelers know that Estes made engines for Centuri. As I ... [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: Almost H (2010-07-12)
"RMS-29/40-120 motor just tested at 150 N-sec with a 1.17 sec burn to bump up the propellant to enter the 'H' power range!" "We will be running more tests on the possible 'H' ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: AeroTech reports test results for the 29/40-120 H motor (2010-07-15)
Via Facebook: We fired four motors in two slightly different configurations, total impulse ranged from 162 to 166 N-sec. Burn times were 1.05 to 1.1 seconds. Measured delay was about 14 seconds. ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Video of a 29/40-120 'H' static test (2010-07-16)
[Read More]

Model Rocket Building: MMX Engines - Friction Fitting (2010-07-18)
It seems I've been flying many MMX rockets lately - for good reasons. I can fly early in the morning before the Florida Summer heat gets unbearable. I can fly them at the (small) nearby ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: What's Wrong With This Engine? (2010-07-19)
Take a close look at this engine. Click on the picture to enlarge it. The production date is November 11, 1974. It was flown this morning, July 19, 2010 For a 35 year old engine it ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Thoughts on 24mm HPR (2010-07-19)
I just read a post about the new CTI F240 V-max motor. While this is cool, I have no 24mm rockets that could take this motor. Or any G or H motor for that matter. From the start of my MPR r ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: What's Wrong With This Engine - ANSWER! (2010-07-21)
Axe figured it out yesterday. There's a pretty surprising misprint on the engine. It's a 1/2 A3-2T, printed in Green ink overall. Check the top of the casing - UPPER STAGE? Someone at the Estes ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: MMX Igniter Installation (2010-07-24)
Our local NAR Section president, Brian Coyle , first showed me how to use toothpicks to hold MMX igniters in place. They fit easily into the small MMX nozzles and also ended up being a ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: AeroTech G138 has been certified (2010-07-31)
I've been waiting for this ever since I bought my 29/40-120 case: Aerotech: (HP)G138-14A 29mm x 124mm 157.1 Newton-seconds Total Impulse [note that's 2.9 N from an 'H'!] 190.1 Newtons Peak Thrust ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Cheap Igniter Case (2010-08-12)
I'd read on a forum where someone had found a small plastic case in the fishing department of a sporting goods store. He used it to carry extra igniters to the launch racks. Not a bad idea. ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: MMX Igniter on a Square Toothpick (2010-08-21)
Last night, when I was prepping some models for today's launch, I switched out an MMX engine into another rocket. Before pulling the engine, I gently removed the MMX igniter . I tried to ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: MMX Igniter / Toothpick Debate (2010-09-22)
Yesterday, there was a good discussion on The Rocketry Forum ( TRF , click HERE , post 12 ) about toothpick / igniter retention in MMX engine nozzles. Apparently , pushing a round toothpick in a ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Yes, California is crazy (2010-09-30)
It appears the California Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) says that model rocket motors can't be reloadable. And you thought you'd never see 18mm HPR motors. Read about it on Rocketry Planet ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: The Igniter That Refuses To Die! (2010-10-17)
Here it is - the IGNITER THAT REFUSES TO DIE! We're getting close to Halloween, what did you expect? Today marks the tenth MMX launch on this igniter. The only way I break these things ... [Read More]

AKS Rockets: Rms 29/40-120 (2010-10-31)
Tons of people ask me what is a Rms 29/40-120. An Rms is a cheaper alternative to single use engines. Instead of buying an engine already built you buy a metal case and make the engine your self. ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: New Engine Designation Idea (2010-11-04)
I've sent a email to Rick Piester at Estes with this suggestion. This idea was inspired by the old Centuri engines. I wanted to make an additional improvement. The Centuri engine power ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Laser ignition of APCP propellants (2010-11-04)
AeroTech recently posted the attached video to FaceBook . It shows the ignition of various AT propellants using a 1.1W hand held Survival Laser . Gary mentions the possibility of head-end ignition ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Budget Igniters (2010-11-10)
I fly on a budget and try to save money where I can. I think everyone agrees, igniter prices are too high. Quest Q2G2 ingiters are now $7.19 for six or $1.20 each! Estes Igniters are $5.99 for six ... [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: New 24mm G motors (2010-11-14)
Machbusters and altitude motors all, particularly that G150... looks like a mach 1.4 motor. Or the G65 for altitude attempts. Pro 24 [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Interesting EX sugar motor (2010-11-15)
Out of ZZakk's Lab comes a description of a unique EX sugar motor. This one is a modified moon burner and features a canted nozzle to provide FlisKits Deuces Wild! -style focused thrust. (Ken points ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: 3-D printed fuel grain (2010-11-18)
While on the subject of 'exotic' hybrids, I see Clark Lindsey has spotted an article on creating complicated channels within hybrid fuel grains using 3-D printing (aka stereolithography): A ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Another unique hybrid motor innovation - inject the gas at the business end (2010-11-18)
[I should have included this in my previous post, since they share a common source ( Clark Lindsey, again ).] The Staged Combustion Aft-Injected Hybrid (SCAIH) is being developed by hobby ... [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: CTI Pro X F240 (24mm) (2010-11-28)
I just placed an order for a complete 24mm pro x case set, and three of these F240 motors. Boy it was not cheap... but it should be great next year to fly them. For the record, please do not end ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: The price of MPR - then and now (2010-12-01)
I bought my first mid-power rocket, the NCR Big Brute, in 1990 or 91. The other day, I was looking at the catalog that I ordered from and lamented the fact that I didn't buy a lifetime supply of ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: 18mm Engine Size Comparison (2010-12-19)
I'd noticed some engine mount movement in the Quest Chinese made A6-4s. Look at the difference in the length of these three 18mm engines. The blue labeled Quest engine is German made. It ... [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: F240 motors have arrived (2010-12-20)
Normal package. Rocketry package. [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Mega Review: Motors (2011-01-24)
Here are my motor reviews from EMRR. AeroTech G77R (updated!) AeroTech G79W (updated!) Quest D5-0 Plugged Ellis Mountain SU J110 (out-of-production) Ellis Mountain SU J228 (out-of-production) ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: TIP! Engine Marking Idea (2011-01-28)
This wasn't my idea, I wish I could give credit where it is due. At the last TTRA launch I saw a Estes igniter tape strip marked with the engine type. What a simple, smart idea! I ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Review: Loki 38mm Motor System (2011-01-28)
This is a review of Loki 's 38mm line, circa mid-2005. Loki Research has been manufacturing EX hardware since 2001 and has had a hand in some of the largest projects flown over the past few years. ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: New Quest Engines on the way? (2011-02-07)
Posted on TRF from Oliver - European Rocketeer : "But seriously, our German Quest distributor is currently developing a new engine line. From what I heared , Bill Stine just visited him last year so ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: New Quest motors on the way? I'm not holding my breath. (2011-02-07)
Chris Michielssen posted the following from a discussion on TRF. Posted on TRF from Oliver - European Rocketeer: "But seriously, our German Quest distributor is currently developing a new engine ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: TIP: New Engine Storage Box (2011-02-14)
This isn't a new idea, just new for me. I'd always kept my engines in my old range box. Not every engine I have, but just what I might need at a launch. At schoolyard launches I run ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: TIP: Removing A Stuck Friction Fit Engine Part 1 (2011-03-11)
Today I didn't try to "pull" this one until I got home - it was STUCK! This is the new Corkscrew rocket, my version is BT-5 based. I rarely build models with the thinner BT tubing, they are ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: TIP: Removing Friction Fit Engines Part 2 (2011-03-16)
For any new fliers out there: If you have used a friction fit to keep your engine in place, try and remove it immediately after the flight. It'll slide out much easier when the engine is still warm! ... [Read More]

Randy's Rocketry Blog: eBay (2011-03-23)
I saw this Estes Vashon V-1 cold power rocket engine for sale on eBay recently. I don't ever remember seeing these as a kid but I think I would have been drawn to it. A blackpowder motor is ... [Read More]

AKS Rockets: Level one certification plans (2011-03-29)
Kaelan and I are trying to get a level one certification this year. We purchased a 4.0in nose cone and body tube and tip from a Uroc member at the March sport launch for $20. We will fly it on a low ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Igniter and Micro Clip Tips (2011-04-01)
Before igniters had thin bridge wires, you had to connect micro clips as close to the nozzle as possible. From the 1969 Estes catalog (Yellow Pages) you can almost read the words "Attach clips ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Estes to begin offering composite mid-power motors! (2011-05-10)
There are two threads on YORF describing the new Estes products that were unveiled at the NRHSA hobby show in Las Vegas - NEW Estes Pro Series 2 kits !!!! and More new Estes stuff from the Las ... [Read More]

Bayourat Aerospace Blog: Estes To Release New PRO SERIES II Rockets and Motors (2011-05-10)
At the NRHSA hobby show in Las Vegas. Estes showed off there repackaged Aerotech motors and a new line of PRO SERIES II rockets. Estes was the only rocketry company in attendance. Here are pics and ... [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: Estes "Pro Series II" - New rockets and motors (2011-05-10)
Estes is coming out with some composite motors that look quite a bit like motors from Road Runner Rocketry. But they are being made by Aerotech. Basically, Aerotech has a slightly modified line of ... [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: Big motors - static tests (2011-05-18)
I always wonder how someone can spend the time (and money) on a large P or Q motor, and then not fly it. Even putting it in a giant rocket and getting a few thousand feet isn't really my style, but ... [Read More]

AKS Rockets: New hardware!!! (2011-06-14)
We bought a new case recently (now we have 2) it is a Pro38 2g case made by Cesaroni. I bought it used for just $28 so it was a great deal. The case takes mid-size H motors and can be adapted to use ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Sure Shot Igniter Patent (2011-06-17)
Irv Wait from Rocket Development Company developed this igniter that went on to become the Centuri Sure-Shot igniter. it was filed in 1965 and approved in 1969. The illustration at the top / middle ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Vern Estes Motor Patent (2011-06-28)
Here's a patent illustration for the Estes model rocket motor. There has been an argument regarding whether it should be called a engine or a motor. On this patent it is called a "Toy Rocket Motor". ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Estes A8-3 Burn Through (2011-07-20)
After the July 18 launch, I was removing the Estes A8-3 engine from my Squatty Body. Here's what the casing looked like. To the right (nozzle) side you can see lots of charring and what looks like a ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: TIP: 13mm A10-3t vs. 18mm A8-3 (2011-07-21)
Blackshire (his avatar name on YORF) came up with a great two-part 13mm engine mount adapter. This adapter breaks in the middle. The engine slides in, nozzle down, in the lower half against a lower ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Site: Model Rocket Igniters (2011-07-30)
To successfully launch a model rocket many important pieces must work precisely in sync with each other. The model rocket engine needs the launch pad, to make sure the rocket flies straight, just as ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: New composite motors coming (2011-08-12)
As discussed on YORF , a new line of composite motors have been developed by the German manufacturer Klima. These are currently being CE certified. Here's the most interesting revelation from Bill ... [Read More] Blog: Quest to Offer Composite Motors (2011-08-12)
Bill Stine, of Quest Aerospace, just “spilled the beans,” revealing that Quest is working on getting the proper paperwork in place to import composite rocket motors manufactured by Klima ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Rocket Mail from South Africa (2011-08-14)
Recently I received an Email from Heinrich in South Africa. He came across my Estes Saturn V build when doing some image searches. I sent him the PDF scans of the shrouds and some downscaled ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: 13mm A Compared to a 18mm A - Again! (2011-08-27)
Jason (Blackshire on TRF) had brought up price comparisons between the 3 pack of 18mm A8-3 engines and the 4 pack of 13mm A10-3t engines. Currently, a four pack of A10-t engines are $10.29 or $2.57 ... [Read More]

Bayourat Aerospace Blog: When Things Go Terribly Wrong. Spectacular Rocket Motor Failure Video (2011-09-15)
During my recent trip to Argonia, KS and the LDRS rocket launch. I witnessed the failure of a large amateur rocket motor. The motor case ruptured at the thread grooves that were cut too deep and ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: FSI E60-4 motors (2011-09-29)
FSI E60-4 motors , a photo by stefan_e_jones on Flickr. Click through to see other vintage FSI products. [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Jakob’s Hybrid R10000 Rocket Launch (2011-10-03)
Jakob’s Hybrid R10000 Rocket Launch , a photo by jurvetson on Flickr. Steve Jurvetson notes that the up part was great but the airframe went "over the hills and far away." This was Jeff's ... [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: Are two N motors enough for space? (2011-10-28)
It is always shocking to see how much altitude the pros (NASA, NACA, others) have gotten with motors in the M to R range. Yet within our hobby we routinely see R motors fail to break 100,000 feet, ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Estes E12 certified!?! (2011-10-29)
The following motor has been certified by NAR Standards & Testing for general use as a Model Rocket Motor effective September 29, 2011. ************************************* Estes: E ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Update on new German motors and the Estes E12 (2011-11-01)
Via TRF : German model rocket distributor and manufacturer Robert Klima ( Raketenmodellbau Klima GmbH ) will offer 18mm, 24mm and 29mm in both 70mm and 95mm length. The propellant is termed "white ... [Read More]

AKS Rockets: Aerotech vs. CTI (2011-11-09)
Aerotech vs. Cesaroni (up to 54mm motors) For those of you who dont know what both of these words means: Aerotech (AT) and Cesaroni (CTI) are the largest manufacturers of mid-power and high-power ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: On Super Balls and composite solid rocket fuel (2011-11-09)
File this under interesting trivia. It appears that the classic Super Balls of my childhood were (are?) mostly comprised of polybutadiene, with the other components being used to cure the polymer, ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Hobby rocket motors used to boost satellite (2011-11-10)
Credit: Aerospace Corp Rocketry Planet reports that the grains and nozzles from four AeroTech E28T RMS motors were installed to boost a picosat in orbit. The P ico S ... [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: CTI O 25,000 Vmax motor (2011-11-16)
"Static firing of an O25,000 Vmax motor. Single-use Pro130. 6,000 pounds for 1.2 seconds." An O25,000 staged to an N 10,000, if such an arrangement could ever be made strong enough, could r ... [Read More] Blog: Reloadable Motors Case (2011-11-27)
I’ve been on an organizing kick lately – trying to make storing and transporting my rocketry stuff easier. Based on a suggestion in The Rocketry Forum (Gun case or reload case!), I ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: EMRR Combined Motor Totals Tool (2011-12-02)
I didn't know about this until earlier this evening, but EMRR has a nifty motor totals tool . This tool lets you mix and match motors in clusters and allows for delayed ignition and staging. Here is ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Brass Propellant Discs (2012-01-15)
Watch what happens when you ignite wafer thin brass discs. Steve and co. are using the brass in an EX project. The discs are the leftovers. Brass Propellant Discs a video by jurvetson on Flickr. ... [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: Solid Propellant Burn Rate Enhancement in Rocketry (2012-01-26)
A REVIEW OF SOLID PROPELLANT BURN RATE ENHANCEMENT BY MECHANICAL METHODS DAVID REESE Abstract. The inclusion of metal fibers in a solid propellant grain has been shown to increase its bulk burning ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: PVC pipe Estes (2012-01-27)
I was browsing the 'Coming Soon' section on the Estes website and ran across their new 29mm motor retainer . A pair will list for $8.99. I guess that will save you from cutting and grinding a ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Friction Fitting Engines Part 1 (2012-02-02)
Friction fitting engines with masking tape has been around since model rocketry began. I remember reading some old Model Missile instructions that had you wrap rubber bands around the engine for a ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Friction Fitting Engines Part 2 (2012-02-04)
This is my Semroc Defender with a three engine cluster of C6-7s. Here I'm twisting the engine as I slide it in the engine mount tube. The "barber pole" angled tape wrap made it easier to install the ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Ad for the new Klima motors (2012-02-11)
The new line of the Klima composite (secret formula) motors were presented at the International Toy Show at Nuremberg, Germany. These will supposedly be marketed in the US by Quest. That's the ... [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: How long can reloadable motors be stored? (2012-03-07)
What if you assemble an RMS motor and the launch is canceled? How do you store it, and for how long? [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: Interested in making your own rocket motors? (2012-03-17)
Image from Sugar Shot to Space. Experimental rocketry, EX for short, has been around longer than hobby rocketry. Experimental rockets were among the first modern rockets to be built, including ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: TIP: Removing the Nozzle from a Used Engine Casing (2012-04-16)
If you don't have a engine casing handy, it's pretty easy to remove the clay nozzle from a used engine. After a launch I save used engines if they are fairly clean. Do all this over a trash can! ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Igniter Install TIP (2012-06-04)
Some of you may know about and already practice this. When installing an igniter, (before the plastic plug) I'll usually turn the wires away from the launch lug. On minimum diameter models, the ... [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: Latest hobbylinc order (2012-06-08)
Included here is some epoxy, two packs of C11 motors, one pack of the new E12 estes motor, some E28s and some F39s. Also I wanted to throw in some 13mm motors as I nearly ran out last year. ... [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: How does a solid rocket motor work? (2012-06-28)
[Read More] Blog: A Look Inside a Composite Rocket Motor (2012-06-29)
I don’t normally re-post things found in other rocketry blogs, but the video posted recently in R2K’s High Power Rocketry Blog is just too cool not to share. The video is an animation ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Planning a Micro Hybrid flight (2012-06-29)
Yesterday, I found that I have one NOX cartridge left so I'll fly the Micro Hybrid in July. I normally fly it in an Art Applewhite saucer but thought I'd try something that had fins. I began ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: The micro hybrid rocket is done (2012-06-30)
Not much to see but here it is. I call it the Ankyo-mcH . Ankyo is the manufacturer, 'mc' is a pharmaceutical term for micro (can't easily type the scientific symbol), and H is for hybrid). However, ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Odd-Ball Igniter TIP (2012-07-09)
Just when you think you've got it all figured out - I had a hard time connecting up the clips to the engine sitting up inside my Odd'l Rockets 13mm UP! Cup at a recent launch. With the ... [Read More] Blog: Testing the Estes Pro Series II Igniters (2012-07-22)
There have been many online reports of people having problems using Estes’s new Pro Series II igniters to light composite motors such as the new motors from Estes. Some people have even ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Launch Prep - Some Hurdles Part 2 (2012-10-04)
I like the Quest A6-4 engines. They are loud and a little sooty. Still, a fun engine for small fields. That paper label is another story. When the wrap was applied, some areas aren't adhered ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Launch Prep - Some Hurdles Part 3 (2012-10-05)
This is another appropriate rocket for October launch, the MMX Zoom Broom. I've been using square toothpicks to hold the small MicroMaxx igniters in the engine nozzles. Where some use a round ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Launch Prep - Some Hurdles Part 4 (2012-10-05)
I'm flying the Midget for the first time this weekend. The Semroc Midget instructions showed me how to adapt short engine casings for the 13mm A10-0 and 1/2A3-4 engines. 18mm Casings were cut to ... [Read More]

Wayne Hill's Blog: The new RCS Store (2012-10-05)
Experimental rocketeers rejoice! The completely new RCS Store is now open for business. “RCS Rocket Motor Components was founded by Gary Rosenfield in 1995 to offer AeroTech RMS-compatible ... [Read More]

Alex Zoghlin's Blog: Another Saucer bites the dust (2012-11-04)
Due to my schedule, and the fact my local rocket club doesn’t fly experimental motors, I only get to launch EX motors once a year, and Midwest Power in Princeton Illinois. EX motors are just ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: E12 CATO (2012-11-11)
Mike Rohde's Estes Optima E12 CATO , a photo by Wallyum on Flickr. Timing is everything in rocket photography! [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Bare Nichrome Igniter Coat - TIP (2012-11-15)
On TRF someone asked how to make LPR igniters. StepanJ gave a link to an article he wrote for the MAKE Magazine website: I'd never made an ... [Read More]

DTH Rocket Blog: A Level 3 Casing. Can Anyone Guess What This Means? (2012-12-22)
I am in possession of a level 3 casing. Can anyone guess what this means for 2013? This means that I am going to go for my level 3 certification! Finally! This is going to be my main project for ... [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: Kosdon rocket with 20 second burn time (2012-12-27)
This makes the N1100 look fast! Put one of these as an upper stage to a faster N and 100,000 feet should be in the bag. [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Old AVI / FSI Engine Making Machines (2013-01-09)
On the NAR Facebook page Dave Bucher posted pictures of the "found" FSI inventory HERE somewhere near Raytown Missouri. I found the pictures of the engine making machines interesting. These ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: New Estes Engines? (2013-01-11)
From a NAR Email: The following motor has been certified by NAR Standards & Testing for general use as a Model Rocket Motor effective November 25, 2012. ************************************* ... [Read More]

AKS Rockets: For Sale on TRF: 38/240 and 38/480 (2013-02-04)
[Read More]

High Power Rocketry: Aerotech announces single use HPR motors (2013-02-23)
AeroTech Unveils Pro-SU Motor Line at NARCON Convention in Santa Clara, CA AeroTech is introducing a game-changing new product for the high power rocketry market, the Pro-SU line of single use ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Aerotech is planning to invade Red Glare (2013-03-25)
Dan Michael, flier of a 3/4 scale Patriot (and other huge rockets) and Aerotech's East Coast representative, posted this in Facebook. MDRA's RED GLARE 14 - April 12, 13 & 14, 2013... Gary ... [Read More]

Grover Aerospace: RCS Nozzle in AMW Snap Ring Hardware with a Loki Liner (2013-04-03)
Thanks Tony Alcocer for your custom nozzle adapter, going to use this for my upper stage moonburner. [Read More]

DTH Rocket Blog: P Motor Static Test at FAR (2013-04-27)
Earlier this April I went out the the F.A.R. site for some fun experimental rocketry. Before I got there apparently there had been a hypergolic rocket test of nitrogen tetroxide and hydrazine ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Quest Q2G2 Igniter Ideas (2013-05-11)
A forum post mentioned that some have had trouble using the straw with the newer Quest Q2G2 igniters. The Quest instructions say to install the igniter in the nozzle and then press the straw ... [Read More]

Randy's Rocketry Blog: TR-1 ROCKET MOTOR UPDATE (2013-05-13)
It been almost exactly one year since I started this motor...far too long. SStS has been going very slowly and in spite of some recent progress, I suspect that the the way forward will continue to ... [Read More]

Randy's Rocketry Blog: TR-1 PROPELLANT SEGMENT DESIGN (2013-05-13)
I plan to use a 4" ULINE mailing tube as the casting tube/inhibitor for this motor. This particular tube has a wall thickness of 0.080" and allows for a bit of insulation to fit between the ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Micro- and Mini-Hybrid's soon to be available (2013-06-20)
Dr. Leland R. Dexter has announced that he, through Micro Nitro Rocketry , will be producing "Caldera-style" Micro and Mini Hybrids. Rene Caldera designed and sold parts kits for the original ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: The first RMS ad circa 1990 (2013-06-22)
Note this is pre-AeroTech. [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: Launch Report 2013-3 (solo) (2013-06-26)
Location: The Original Rocket Dungeon Weather: hot Total flights: Today - 2; YTD - 16 Total motors: Today - 2; YTD - 17 Motors by class YTD: MMX-2, B-1, C-4, E-5, F-2, G-1, H-2 I began investigating ... [Read More]

High Power Rocketry: Scott's Experimental Rocketry (2013-07-11) [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Matching Cluster Engines (2013-07-18)
Check out the clay caps on these three Estes C6-5 engines. All three are from different batches, made on different dates. I was picking out engines for a two engine cluster model. It's probably ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: New Quest/Klima Engines are Closer! (2013-08-17)
Here's a timeline of selected posts from YORF Read the entire thread HERE Notice the post dates: From Bill Stine on YORF - August 12, 2011 - So much for keeping this project "Top Secret"... The new ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Make Your Own Igniters (2013-08-18)
In MAKE Magazine, Stefan Jones did a great pictorial article on LPR igniter making. From You can buy ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Friction Fitting Engines? (2013-09-01)
An interesting response from Fred Schector on YORF: "If its hard to insert the motor, it is going to be just as difficult getting it out!" Posted by JeromeK99 ______________________________ ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: With the roar of 100 lions... (2013-09-27)
Motor: Gorilla Rocket Motors demo of a 6" O4475 Black Lightning sparky. Where: Balls 22 @ Black Rock. Who: The Australian Rocketry team Rocket: 7.5", 18', 150lb, Drama Queen Results: ~10,800' and ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: E16 and F15 motors are in at Hobbylinc! (with same day update) (2013-10-17)
Got in late last night and on a whim, checked Hobbylinc ....and found the E16 and F15 motors were there. Woke up this morning to an email telling me the same. I need the F15-4 for several models! ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: The Discontinued Quest Kits? (2013-10-29)
On TRF there were questions about the thrust and ejections of Quest engines. This last year, Quest discontinued some larger 18mm kits: Quest Aerospace One and the Stiletto A guess on my part: I have ... [Read More]

Alex Zoghlin's Blog: On 12th night of Christmas my true love gave to me... (2013-12-26)
Talk about true love! Under our tree this year was a brand new six inch Gorilla Rocket motor, Reloads, Nozzle, and a kit to put it all together. Can’t wait to try it out. Looks like my first ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Estes Igniter Patent, 1968 (2014-01-15)
I found this on Wayne Hill's Rocketry Blog HERE The patent for Vern Estes improved igniter. HERE When I started flying rockets in 1969 we would still find motors tubes supplied with bare wire ... [Read More]

David McCann's Blog: Motor order (2014-01-16)
Just fired off the order for two I200W, two H250G, one H268R, and a couple G79W and G77R’s. Should cover most of my basic flights this year (in addition to all I have in the box already). ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: New Aerotech Econo-Max motors spotted on HobbyLinc (2014-01-27)
I found these via TRF rather than on Aerotech's Facebook feed. These really are priced well and with a mid-February delivery, they will be part of my birthday present to myself. Both have a high ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Making Old School Igniters Part 1 (2014-02-06)
Here's the 32 gauge nichrome I bought from Jacobs: 100 feet for $6.00! Notice the wire end is taped down to the face of the spool. Trust me, tape down ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Making Old School Igniters Part 2 (2014-02-07)
With the 1" tail to the left - Wrap the nichrome around the paper clip wire so you have three loops. Try to make them even and close together. Don't get frustrated, it takes a few tries to get it ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: A10 to A8 Engine Comparison (2014-02-24)
At the small field launches I've been using 13mm A10-3t engines in place of 18mm A8-3 engines. This was first suggested by James Wentworth on a forum post. It makes perfect sense - really a no ... [Read More]

David McCann's Blog: AP crack (2014-03-09)
Got the main set of HazMat motors in for this summer. K805G for my Darkstar at URRF, I600R for Steph’s L1, a G138T for the optima (I love these motors), and the J510W for the Emerald Dragon. ... [Read More]

David McCann's Blog: J510W (2014-04-27)
I just built this tonight ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Quest Q2G2 Availability? (2014-05-03)
75Granville posted on TRF about the out of stock Quest Q2G2 igniters: "Was poking around the Apogee website today, and in the Upcoming Products section(s) they show Quest motors. (Bottom of this ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: New Nichrome (2014-05-24)
I finally ordered some bare nichrome from $6.00 for 100 feet! This is the 32 gauge. And, no extra shipping charges! Do the math - Cut off 3" for each igniter, that's 4 ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Question About Estes Starter Igniters (2014-06-09)
From TRF, A post and question from member PhlAsh, "I regularly fly a Sunward Eruption that was given to No2son, who doesn't have time for rockets now. The rocket takes 4 18mm motors, so ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: New motor delivery (2014-06-26)
I just received my motor order from . The company provides same/next day shipping on a variety of stocked high and mid-power rocket motors. I ordered late Friday ... [Read More]

Rocket Dungeon: F15-4 --> F0-0 (a.k.a. you can't light clay) (2014-07-27)
As I reported yesterday: I started trying to fly an F15-4 in the Cheetah. After the stock igniter failed to light it, I tried a Q2G2. No go. I decided that maybe there was some clay over the ... [Read More]

Randy's Rocketry Blog: Static Test (2014-09-03)
I spent some time taking stock and organizing the garage workspace a bit this past weekend. Not the most exciting thing, but useful. Theo and I came across some old Estes motors and we decided to ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Slightly Short Engines? (2014-09-12)
Recently I bought some Quest A6-4 and B6-4 engines. These were a mix of older German and more recent Chinese made Quest engines. (The German made engines have "silver" nozzles, the Chinese ... [Read More]

Rich's Rockets: Captain, that is illogical (2014-10-24)
I swear, for a hobby that’s supposed to be all about precision and engineering and physics (OK, and aesthetics too), we have some real numerical stupidities we can’t get rid of. Like the ... [Read More]

David McCann's Blog: The perfect G (2014-11-04)
In my mind, the perfect G is close to 80N average thrust, and as close to 160N/s as possible. Most AT Gs run 100/137 N/s. Leaves a lot in the table. CTI has the G54R. At 159N/s. But it’s a ... [Read More]

Rich's Rockets: A8 or 6 or 5 or 3-3 or 2 (2014-11-15)
Recently I wrote something that mentioned how the Estes A8 motors really are, for incomprehensible reasons, more like A3. I’ve been looking at some old Estes catalogs online (they’re ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Quest Response to Out Of Stock (2014-11-25)
After much speculation about igniters and supplies, Bill Stine posted this on TRF: OK, here's an official response from Quest: First, NO, Q2G2 igniters are NOT gone forever and you will be able ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Why You Need Wadding . . . (2014-11-28)
I haven't seen this one for a while, it's worth a re-visit: CLICK HERE This is another video from Roger Smith - He explains: " This video shows what happens inside a rocket when the ejection ... [Read More]

David McCann's Blog: motors, revised (2014-11-29)
More motor musings ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Estes Older Blue Igniter (2014-12-11)
The first Estes igniters I remember seeing had a blue dip coating. All the old igniters I have left have (the later) brown coating. The dip was never as smooth as the catalog drawings. There were ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Igniter Placement Tip (2014-12-27)
When setting an igniter in an engine, try this: Set the igniter wires away from the launch lug position. It's simply easier to connect up the clips when the igniter ends are away from the launch ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Why Do They Go Up? (2014-12-30)
I'm sure some won't agree with this explanation. For me it explained the basics of thrust. It's 1969, I'm in my eighth grade Science class. I thought I knew everything about model rocketry. I'd been ... [Read More]

David McCann's Blog: Motors (2015-01-03)
Brings me up to 35 motors in stock. Not terrible. Mostly E’s and G’s. This order adds 5 H250G’s, and two H238T’s to the G78G, K1100T, H268R, I600R, 3x G79W, 2x G77R, G71R, ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: More Reliable Igniter Practice (2015-01-10)
I still see it a club launches - micro clips connected to the ends of straight igniter wires. Why not bend the wire ends in a "U" shape? You'll get twice the micro clip contact and more reliable ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Q2G2 Igniters Available Again? (2015-01-23)
Quest has all the engine bulk packs in stock with the Q2G2 igniters. Starter sets (Quest launchers are in stock) are also listed. CLICK HERE Separate six packs of the Q2G2 igniters are not yet ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: MRC FX Engines (2015-01-25)
On TRF, a question came up about the MRC FX Engines. MRC (or Model Rectifier Corporation) make model trains and RC cars. Years back they got into the model rockets business. Their first catalog ... [Read More]

Greg Smith's Blog: M3700 grains are interesting... (2015-02-13)
...and now all four find themselves cozily bonded to their liner for tomorrow's flight! [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: New Starter (Igniter) (2015-02-15)
I've been avoiding using the new Estes Starters. When I buy engines at Hobby Lobby (with the 40% off coupon) I look for older engine packages with the black tipped, pyrogen igniters. As those are ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Used 18mm Engine Comparisons (2015-02-16)
On the forums, questions come up about the differences between Estes and Quest 18mm engines. Here's two fired 18mm engines. An Estes B6-4 is on the left, a Chinese made Quest B6-4 on the right. ... [Read More]

Future 5000 x: High reliability solderless electrical igniters (2015-04-09)
The near-impossibility of soldering Nichrome wire poses some problems for making electrical igniters without special fluxes. Here is a step-by-step method for making electrical igniters without the ... [Read More]

David McCann's Blog: 54mm (2015-06-04)
54/1200, 54/1600 cases. I’ve got a couple J820s for the 1200, then they’ll both likely be used for EX. [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: "Starters" (Igniters) In Each Engine Package? Part 2 (2015-06-24)
Years back Estes did package four NWI-1 igniters in a 18mm three engine package. These NWI-1 (blue or brown coated) igniters were better than bare nichome but not as reliable as the newer Starter ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: 3 or 4 "Starters" (Igniters) In Each Engine Package? Part 1 (2015-06-24)
From YORF, I had an interesting exchange with Fred Shector: My first post: All of the recent engine packages I've purchased now have the clear tip starters. I've been using those at the club ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Still More Igniter Tips (2015-07-07)
For me, sometimes the paper retaining tape on Estes igniters is too far down the wires. On the left is the igniter right out of the package. The inset picture shows the paper slid about 1/8" up ... [Read More]

Model Rocket Building: Old Quest Tiger Tail Igniter (2015-07-20)
I bought some of the older Quest German made engines last year. Some of them came with the "Tiger Tail" igniters. I made up this post to help if you ever run across one of these OOP igniters. The ... [Read More]