Madcow Rocketry - Mozzie Kit

CP Method: Rocksim/Rocksim
CP Position From Front: 13.63 inches
Diameter: 2.60 inches
Length: 19.50 inches
Manufacturer: Madcow Rocketry
Model: K-112
Product Type: Kit
Recommended Motors: F21-6, D12-3, F20-7, F26-9, F25-6, G38-7, E16-4, E23-5, F22-4, F40-7, G33-5
Recovery: Parachute
Weight: 10.00 ounces
  • Madcow Rocketry - Mozzie {Kit} (K-112) By David Sindel (June 26, 2009)

    Brief: This is a 5x upscale of the Estes Mosquito suitable for mid-power motors. It is an excellent first mid-power rocket. Construction: The parts list: 1 2.6" thick-wall body tube, pre-slotted for fins 1 Balsa nose cone 2 1/8" plywood centering rings 1 29mm motor tube 3 1/8" thick laser-cut plywood fins 1 screw eye, nut, and washer ...

  • Madcow Rocketry - Mozzie {Kit} (K-112) By John Bergsmith (February 24, 2009)

    Brief: The Mozzie is an upscale looking Mosquito so it naturally has a classic familiar look. The Madcow kits that I've built in the passed all have contained top quality materials and the Mozzie was no exception. Construction: The kit includes the following components: Balsa nose cone, ply bulkhead, eye bolt hardware Pre-slotted body tube for TTW fins Liteply ...

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