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Madcow Rocketry - Mozzie {Kit}

Manufacturer:Madcow Rocketry
Diameter:2.6000 inches
Length:19.5000 inches
Construction Rating:
Flight Rating:
Overall Rating:

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The Mozzie is an upscale looking Mosquito so it naturally has a classic familiar look. The Madcow kits that I've built in the passed all have contained top quality materials and the Mozzie was no exception.

Madcow Rocketry Mozzie

The kit includes the following components:

  • Balsa nose cone, ply bulkhead, eye bolt hardware
  • Pre-slotted body tube for TTW fins
  • Liteply centering rings
  • 29mm motor tube
  • Laser-cut plywood fins
  • Kevlar®Â® shock cord section and Nylon upper shock cord section
  • 9"x9" flameproof chute protector
  • 18" nylon chute
  • ¼" launch lugs

The instructions provided with the kit are fairly brief. Madcow gets to the point in this area, but what's provided gets the job done. The included illustrations throughout are helpful. There is really nothing unusual about the construction of the Mozzie. I used epoxy microballoons for reinforcing fillets around the centering rings, fins, and launch lugs. The completed airframe is very sturdy with really no weak areas observed. The Mozzie should hold up well.

The fins and nose cone were sealed and hardened using two coats of Minwax Polyurethane. Once dry they were sanded smooth and coated using thinned spackle that was brushed on to fill the wood grain. The filler was sanded off and the rocket was primed with two coats of Duplicote High Fill primer sanding between coats. I decided to go with the factory red and black color scheme. I used Valspar Premium spray for both colors. This paint gives a very nice shine and has proved to be durable. I'm very satisfied with the completed rocket.

Construction Rating: 5 out of 5

Madcow Rocketry Mozzie

For the first flight I attended are normal monthly club fly. Winds for the flight were around 10 to 15mph. For motor selection I chose the Aerotech F40-4W which is a 29mm reload. Madcow recommends a 7 second delay, but with the wind I though 4 seconds might be a better choice. The Mozzie launched almost perfectly straight with a very slight weathercock. Ejection occurred before apogee, so the 7 second delay would be perfect. The 18" parachute seemed to be a perfect match, and the Mozzie was recovered with no damage. Overall it was a quick boost that achieved good altitude.

I can't think of any cons in this area. The Mozzie is well designed in this area and functions perfectly.

Flight Rating: 5 out of 5

Simply said, I like it. It has a classic look that is upscaled for midpower, and Madcow provides top quality materials. It's easy to build, but enough works exists to be a project. The Mozzie looks great on the pad and even better climbing under boost.

Madcow produced another high quality, great flying rocket.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

    Flight Log

    DateRocket NameMotor(s)AltitudeNotes
    2009-02-21John Bergsmith's Madcow Rocketry MozzieF40-4- First Flight - fast straight boost, awesome flight. The ejection was early, so the seven second ...
    2009-03-01David Sindel's Madcow Rocketry MozzieD12-3- Absolutely perfect flight - slow boost, perfect ejection, and good descent. Love this rocket!
    2009-03-15David Sindel's Madcow Rocketry MozzieD12-3- Parachute stuck and didn't deploy at all, but amazingly it survived undamaged.
    2009-03-22John Bergsmith's Madcow Rocketry MozzieF40-7- This is a great motor combo for this rocket. Very stable boost,with some serious altitude. ...
    2009-04-03Erich Bookwalter's Madcow Rocketry MozzieF20-7- Perfect Flight, Good chute, No Damage.
    2009-04-03Erich Bookwalter's Madcow Rocketry MozzieF20-7- This was the second flight of the day. It was windy at altitude, I had to walk a ways to get it, ...
    2009-04-05Erich Bookwalter's Madcow Rocketry MozzieF20-4- Really nice flight, Mozzie flew straight up with no wobble. the 4 sec delay was definately a ...
    2009-04-05Erich Bookwalter's Madcow Rocketry MozzieF20-4- This was the first flight, It flew beautifully. Straight up with not even a wobble. the 4 second ...
    2009-04-18John Bergsmith's Madcow Rocketry MozzieF40-7- Perfect launch, weather cocked slightly into the wind. Nice ejection right at apogee, chute ...
    2009-06-20David Sindel's Madcow Rocketry MozzieE15-4- Awesome flight.
    2009-08-14David Sindel's Madcow Rocketry MozzieF23-4- Nice flight on a smoky motor. The C-slot in the motor was closed and took a lot of work to open, ...
    2009-11-21David Sindel's Madcow Rocketry MozzieE23-8- Drilled out to 5 second delay, but ejected at 8 seconds with no damage. Strange.
    2009-11-25Peter Lam's Madcow Rocketry MozzieD12-3- Park flight for kids, slow boost, some weathercocking but a good flight.Recovery was excellent and ...
    2010-04-11Philip Levanda's Madcow Rocketry MozzieF23-7- This motor puts this thing short for the 4 delay and the 7 is a little long. I'd go with the 7 ...
    2010-05-02Philip Levanda's Madcow Rocketry MozzieF23-7- delay was a bit long.
    2010-06-26David Sindel's Madcow Rocketry MozzieG64-7- Perfect flight. I love this rocket.
    2010-11-21John Bergsmith's Madcow Rocketry MozzieF40-7- Mozzie #2 first flight was perfect. Great flying model.
    2011-12-17David Sindel's Madcow Rocketry MozzieF23-4-
    2012-03-17John Bergsmith's Madcow MozzieAerotech F40-7-
    2013-08-24Philip Levanda's Madcow Rocketry MozzieF32T-81013 feet First test of my AltimeterTwo 1019 feet at peak of 191 MPH Delay was a bit late.
    2014-12-21 John Bergsmith's Madcow MozzieAerotech F40-7- Perfect flight!
    2015-03-21John Bergsmith's Madcow MozzieAerotech F40-7- Perfect flight.
    2015-12-19John Bergsmith's Madcow MozzieAerotech F40-7- Great flight, perfect ejection.

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