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My First Multi Stage/Cluster Rocket

This video shows the first two flights of my first multi-stage/cluster rocket. First you see a still picture of the ignition wiring before the first launch, then a picture I took at the moment of ignition. Then you see the first flight as filmed by an Estes Cineroc, a super-8 nose cone camera they used to sell. Next you see a still of the second ignition, and then the Cineroc film of the second flight. On the first flight there are six C engines in the first stage and three in the second. One of the center engines failed to ignite. This led to underboost, and staging failure. There was additional drag from the first stage parachutes deploying. With only two engines burning in the second stage, through the first, the severely underpowered rocket flew nearly horizontally for an estimated 800 feet before being saved by the main parachutes. For the second flight the outer three C motors were replaced with D motors. All six fired. Staging was perfect. The rocket went straight up to an extimated 1200 feet, and landed softly. This was roughly 1973 or 1974 near the painted runway, an old closed runway from Old Tamiami airport, which was part of Florida International University. The runway was heavily used by RC fliers. Sorry, no sound. I hope to finish the rebuild of this rocket and fly it with three d's and three E's inthe first stage, and three D's in the second stage, with a Go Pro HD camera in the nose. This film is probably running faster than reality because the Cineroc was filming at a lower frame rate than my projector could play. I had wanted to find the actual frame rate by filming the stop watch, but forgot to start it, because I was concerned with igniting six motors simulatneously, starting the Cineroc at the right moment, and taking the still picture. I hope to scan the frames of the original film and stills to recreate this with much greater quality.

 Rocketry Product: Estes - Cineroc {Component}

Author CLAACBlueFlyer
Duration 82 seconds

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