n3rd crush, possible STS-134 delay, SS2 and more! Live Show 4.08

The wiki article containing links and additional information on each story can be found here: wiki.spacevidcast.com Stories covered: NASA Tweetup Nerds ZOMGDUDELOLZ! Possible delay of STS-134 to April 29th, 2011 The stacking of the final Space Shuttle SRBs is underway Ariane 5 rocket failed to lift off from it's launch pad. First images of Mercury from MESSENGER The Aurora from Norway Yuri's Night Contests deadline EXTENDED! BBC has the first journalist allowed inside of SpaceShip 2 SpaceX video touts Something Big is Coming And as a reminder, this was our April 1st show. While it would be awesome to be a part of Masten Space Systems, that was our little prank. Hope everyone enjoyed it!

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