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FlisKits - Nantucket Sound


Manufacturer: FlisKits
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DateRocket NameMotor(s)AltitudeNotes
1998-03-19Zach Coffee's FlisKits Nantucket SoundD12-3- It was a fun rocket to build and even better to watch it take off, but don't fly it on a c 11-3, ...
2009-05-10Chan Stevens's FlisKits Nantucket SoundD12-5- Blew propellant grain out the top. Repairable.
2009-06-20John Bergsmith's FlisKits Nantucket SoundD12-3- First flight on the Lighthouse. Boost was straight and stable even in the 10mph wind. Ejection was ...
2009-06-20John Bergsmith's FlisKits Nantucket SoundD12-3- Flight number 2 on the day was perfect. Nice and slow boost that was arrow straight.
2009-06-20David Sindel's FlisKits Nantucket SoundE18-4- Beautiful flight. The motor casing escaped the motor hook, but was later found by my dad.
2009-06-24Donald Besaw's FlisKits Nantucket SoundC11-3- Excellent first flight, nice straight boost to maybe 200 feet and popped the chute out right at ...
2009-06-27Chan Stevens's FlisKits Nantucket SoundD12-5- Outstanding flight, dead straight!
2009-07-22Donald Besaw's FlisKits Nantucket SoundE9-4- Awesome flight, skipped right over the D12 and went with the E9. Arrow straight boost to maybe 700 ...
2009-08-22David Sindel's FlisKits Nantucket SoundE18-4- Nice flight - very loud and smoky. The nose shroud fell off and the clay nearly clonked another ...
2009-10-10David Sindel's FlisKits Nantucket SoundF12-3- Awesome flight with a thick column of black smoke to around 400 feet. Ejection was a tad late - ...
2009-12-17Chan Stevens's FlisKits Nantucket SoundD12-3-
2010-01-16John Bergsmith's FlisKits Nantucket SoundD12-3- Chute tangled, otherwise a great flight.
2012-10-20John Bergsmith's Nantucket SoundEstes D12-3-

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