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NAR High Power Rocketry L1 Certification Flight - Estes Leviathan Kit Bash

Video of the ground test, initial test flight, and final certification flight on a "kit bashed" Estes Leviathan, named "Bye Bye Kitty". The light weight Estes body tubes were reinforced with full length couplers to withstand higher acceleration and stress on the airframe. Zipperless construction was used on the drogue parachute, aft section, and nylon shear pins were installed to keep both the tail and nose cone attached during the flights. Aerosol paint can sheets were recycled into shear pin cutting bosses and inlet into the airframe walls to assure distortion free airframes on ejection. A spare body tube was purchased directly from Estes and used to elongate the tail section for the added ejection baffle and provide room for the top main chute section. An Ebay was constructed to house the Adept ALTS2 altimeter . The stock fins were cut to a 2.5" semispan to provide for less calibers of stability. The maiden and certification flights were made on 6 Dec 2014 in Hutto Texas with Austin Area Rocketry Group. The system performed perfectly and the rocket design is stable with G through I impulse motors.

 Rocketry Product: Estes - Leviathan {Kit} (9700) [2012-2017]

 Rocketry Club: Austin Area Rocketry Group

Author Ken Carey
Duration 05:51

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