NARCON 2014 Technical Session 2
Technical Session 2 International Rocketry Competition with U.S. Navy CAPT (Ret.) Trip Barber, a former president of the NAR. Every two years the NAR sponsors a Junior and a Senior team, totaling about 30 members, who travel to Europe for a week to compete against teams of the best competition model rocketeers from over 20 other nations in the World Spacemodeling Championships (WSMC). This international competition, sponsored by the Federation Aeronatutique Internationale (FAI), is run by very different rules and requires totally different rocket designs compared to what we fly in the US. The levels of craftsmanship and competition are very high and the ceremonies and prestige of the event are very similar to the Olympics. This session will cover the experience of competing as a national team in the WSMC, and the technology and designs of the models that are competitive under FAI rules.
Author Jim Banke
Duration 01:03:16

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