NASA STS 135 Launch

Atlantis liftoff : chills up meninges. It explodes, of joy... Time H0, take-off, 11:29 (5:29 pm, Swiss time). Suddenly, at 31 seconds, the countdown stops. Net as a cleaver. We dare not believe it. Our nerves, already in a ball, tangle. Then, as a detonator, the second crash into our emotions. It's off again! Chills captured our emotion, rise to the meninges, and stagnated in the heart ... it takes off. Slowly, unperturbed, Atlantis tears himself the ground, his screams and spit flames in the distance. It traces its white puff, illuminates a gray sky. It merges with the clouds already. We do the most distinguished, his thunder fire reaches our ears, are just shaking our eardrums, we vibrate as well. It explodes. For joy ... As Americans, we are, a little.

Author RKEKeller
Duration 54 seconds
Rating Best

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