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2010-08-19 - Prepping for Okctoberfest

Ordered: Darkstar 2" 38mm FG kit 6G Pro-X 819J-354-16A White Altimeter One Kevlar, Nomex pads, ignitors, and misc. build items. Construction: Repaint Excel Plus nosecone Rebuild Excel Plus e-bay Build Darkstar in SD and DD setups Finish Apogee Aspire Fly: Excel Plus on some I motors Darkstar on an I then the J for my L2 Cert. Aspire on a G80R trying to break Mach 1 and the Single Shot Sweepstakes ... [Read More]

2009-05-27 - Tripoli Level 1 Certified!

I flew "Neurotic Ape" on a CTI I-345 White Thunder motor Friday afternoon. Due to wind there was a little bit of weather cocking and it was coning a little bit. However it flew up to 1998ft and deployment was just past apogee. I recovered it fairly close to the launch site, returned to the LCO got inspected and John W. signed off on my L1 Cert. Mailed it off to Tripoli yesterday, they should ... [Read More]

2009-05-21 - Pictures & Graphics

I finally took a few quick snapshots of the rocket. Not the best pictures, but I needed something to post before I left for the launch. Before the Vinyl was applied: Full View: Nose Cone Art: Layed Out: [Read More]

2009-05-20 - There will be video

Earlier in the month I picked up a Flip Ultra camcorder. I will be using this to video prep and the launch from the ground. It is also small enough to be mounted inside the e-bay if I so choose. Today I picked up an Oregon Scientific ATC2K "Action Cam" This comes with several mounting options, one of which is a very strong silicon rubber strap. I plan on securing the camera to the mount with some ... [Read More]

2009-05-20 - Graphics 75% complete

I ended up opting to paint the nose cone then apply the vinyl over it as opposed to just wrapping it in vinyl. Due to this change I won't have it finished up until tomorrow most likely. We did get the rocket wrapped from the nose cone shoulder down to the fin can however. It looks really, really good and it went on quickly. Learned a few lessons and the next one will be even better. Pictures soon. [Read More]