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By Jeff Curtis

Published: 2023-10-22 00:00:00

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Manufacturer:New Way Space Models
Length:12.5000 inches

A relatively new addition to the New Way group of square rockets. They may be square but they fly great. The standard finish makes a great looking pseudo-missile rocket.


1.1" square body tube - slotted

4 balsa fins

2 square centering rings

engine tube

Retaining ring for the engine hook

engine hook

Kevlar shock cord

heat shrink tube

engine block

Solid plastic nose cone

screw eye

Snap swivel

square launch lug

Waterslide decals

Black bands are vinyl peal and stick

Parachute kit

New Way also includes a packet with 4 grades of sandpaper, Q-tips and an emory board.

The components are nice.


New Way doesn't give construction ratings but I would say this is a 1 and would make a good first kit. As is usual, you start with the motor mount. The Kevlar shock cod goes under the front centering square and wraps around the engine tube. You have to make sure you get the square centering rings aligned. Just place them on a flat surface and make sure both are flush with the table. I used Titebond II for all gluing. The tube is slotted, so gluing on the fins is a breeze. I'm not sure what material the nose cone is made from but appears to be solid. Possibly 3D printed. There is a hole for a screw eye. I did use a dab of epoxy to lock in the screw eye. The kit has a parachute kit but I substituted a 9" Estes parachute I had on hand.

I wanted to use the standard finish so I painted one fin and the nose white. I then masked them off and shot candy apple red for the rest of the rocket. Their are two black vinyl bands and one goes over the mask line. This covers up any slight imperfections in the mask. Next I applied the waterslide decals which laid down perfectly.

Very simple build. Would even be suitable for a first kit for a new rocketeer.


The nose cone has enough weight that no additional weight is required to balance the rocket. First flight was on an A8-3. It was a stable, straight flight although not very high. Maybe 250' feet. The 9" chute did the job and there was a soft landing in grass. 2nd flight I stepped up to a B6-4. Another perfectly straight flight. Unfortunately, it land in the middle of the road. I held my breath as two cars drove around it. Fortunately, there was no damage. I'll wait for a bit less wind to try a C.


This is an excellent kit. It's sharp looking rocket and flies great. If you haven't tried a square rocket, this is a good kit to start with.

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Manufacturer:New Way Space Models
Length:12.5000 inches


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