NGLLC leg2out

October 7, 2009 - Masten Space Systems flew our XA0.1B-750 rocket vehicle in the Northrop-Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge, level one. Both Flights were successful meeting the required flight profiles and time conditions. We are now in a position to claim the second prize award of $150, 000. First prize was awarded in 2008 to Armadillo Aerospace. Two other teams are scheduled to compete in the competition window that ends on October 31, 2009. Level one requires a rocket vehicle to take off from one pad, fly to a minimum altitude of 50 meters, move to a second pad a least 50 meters away and be in the air for a minimum of 90 seconds. The rocket may then be refueled before is repeats the flight back to the original starting point. The accuracy of the landing determines the winner in the case where more than one team flies the required profile. The average landing accuracy for "Xombie" was 16cm (unofficial pending judging). This video is the second flight to return to the starting point from the outward facing camera located onboard the rocket.

 Rocketry Club: Tripoli Wisconsin

Author mastenspace
Duration 115 seconds
Rating Best

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