Quest - Nike-K Kit

Manufacturer: Quest
Model: 2002
Product Type: Kit
Production Years: 1992-
Recovery: Parachute
Style: Scale-like
  • Quest Nike-K By Geoffrey Kerbel

    Brief: This is a skill level 2 kit from Quest with pseudo-military looks using the Nike name and lower fin shape. It is a single stage rocket with mid-body separation. The upper section could be used for payload. Construction: The basic components consist of the following: Main body tube 8.5" long smaller dia. upper body tube 9" long plastic fin can plastic ...

  • Quest Nike-K By Geoffrey Kerbel

    Brief: This is a very easy to build "quick kit" that lives up to the promise of ready to launch in 15-45 minutes. It's a decent looking design with fin can and transition to a payload bay and even comes with a plastic display stand. This particular kit was given to me as a prize at NARAM-47 and was packaged in a nice plastic box to prevent tube dents. Construction: The ...

  • Quest Nike-K By Geoffrey Kerbel

    Brief: The Nike-K is a sport scale rocket based on the Nike booster. This is a review of the older, out-of-production version that uses the one piece fin can. Construction/Finishing: The Nike-K was packaged in the usual clear plastic bag with a full color picture of the completed rocket on the cover. All of the parts were accounted for and undamaged. This kit contains: Two body ...

  • Quest Nike-K By Geoffrey Kerbel

    Construction: My Nike-K is actually very old, having been built in 1992, but I feel this reflects the the overall quality of the design. I have bought a new kit to compare the two, and it is pretty much identical to the early one. Quest packages their parts separately so it is easy to find parts for subassembly. This kit has standard paper tubes for the body, payload section, and ...

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