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Manufacturer: Polecat Aerospace
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  • Polecat Aerospace Nike Smoke (5.5\\\") By Taylor Jessee (May 23, 2007)

    Brief: At the end of last year, I decided I needed a 54mm rocket. I looked through a lot, and this rocket seemed the best as far as getting "more bang for your buck". Having had a Nike Smoke from Quest in the past and liking military kits, it appealed to me a lot. It is the standard dual deploy rocket, but all the recovery goes in the nose. Photo courtesy of Polecat ...

  • Polecat Aerospace Nike Smoke (5.5\") By Jordan Raice

    Brief: This is a nice kit, lightly glassed with pre-cut fin slots. The fiberglass was very easy to sand and prime. Great scale kit!!! Construction: I bought the dual deploy version with a glassed coupler. A small upper payload section, lower BT and a large fiberglass NC. Total length of 76". My cone was a little weak but I added more glass and it is fine now. Great ...

  • Polecat Aerospace Nike Smoke (5.5") By Connor Deason

    This rocket is a single staged high power rocket. I have flown it on 2 different I motors and it flew both times straight as an arrow. It has a 60" parachute. It was a simple build. This rocket came with a 44 inch long body tube and a 29" fiberglass nosecone. The body tube came pre-glassed, which saved me a lot of work. Also, the fiberglassing was done very professionally. It came with 4 ...

  • Polecat Aerospace Nike Smoke (5.5") By

    Brief: This is a 1/3 scale replica of the famous sounding rocket from the 1950s and 1960s. You can download their assembly instructions from this page . Construction: It comes with:- 34" long 54mm motor mount two centering rings pre-cut, beveled TTW fins fibreglass nose cone pre-fibreglassed main body tube. but like all the Polecat kits, no ...

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