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Add A Parachute Attachment Point To A Fiberglass Nose Cone (2011-02-14)
 A quick parachute attachment loop can be added to your model rocket nose cone by using a little glob of epoxy clay and a piece of high-strength shock cord. You can also use a metal screw eye, ... [View]
Part 2: Nose Cones-How To Make a High Power Rocket (2012-12-22)
Making a nose cone using the same air frame tube. [View]
Resin Casting of Model Rocket Parts (2011-12-27)
Resin casting can be fun, and here I show you how it is done. This is how we make the resin nose cone for the Heli-Roc model rocket kit. Each kit is hand-made, just like the one shown in this video. ... [View]