Construction / Nose Cones
Resin Casting of Model Rocket Parts

Resin casting can be fun, and here I show you how it is done. This is how we make the resin nose cone for the Heli-Roc model rocket kit. Each kit is hand-made, just like the one shown in this video. We start with inserting the metal pins into the rubber mold. The pins will be trapped by the resin, locking them in place. This insertion is actually the hardest step, because it takes a steady hand holding the pin with a pair of tweezers. Without knocking the pins out of the hole, the silicone rubber mold is transported to the table where the urethane resin is mixed together. Once it is poured into the mold, the chemical reaction causes the resin to harden. When it does, it is a durable plastic that is almost indestructible. We let our parts harden for at least an hour before pulling them out of the mold. This way, we're assured that they won't deform as we tug and pull on the silicone to pry the part out. But normally, the resin is hard in about 10 minutes. When done, this will be the nose cone on the model rocket.

Author Apogee Components
Duration 07:47

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